Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Round Up On A Sunny Texas Tuesday

I've Ben trying to keep my blog for more happy thoughts and stories, but lately that has been difficult. Hence my silence. I will say that I am so grateful to be working and with my family at this difficult time. I could not have wished for a better crew of people to work with or a better family to have. Lots of long walks, bubble baths, and red lipstick also help. Friday night we opened "Showboat." After over a week swinging on, I was back on the sidelines with a head cold. I took this as an opportunity to actually look good on opening night. No wig hair or excess sweat, instead I rocked my Grammy's black velvet coat with black fox fur cuffs. It drew the notice and approval of Houston socialite Lyan Wyatt, who plays a small role at the end of the show. I'm sure my Grammy was dancing in her grave with glee! Lynn and her Texas size hair. (Yes. It looks like that every day. And I bet she gets it done every day.)
The first weekend is now over, and we have a long break as they open Giovanni this week. (They run the two operas in rep). So I'm off with my Mum to go visit my uncle and Grandad. Here's to happy thoughts and finding joy in the little things! (Also, I have a pair of new Laducas coming in the mail. Will they sway me back over to the dark side? Keep looking for updates to find out!)

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