Friday, September 6, 2013

Rolling Along

Life continues to be a little crazy. My grandfather into nursing rehab and then hopefully he will be in assisted living soon. So now its back to trying to figure my life out! Baby Bandit is settling in. From a puppy mill gone way wrong (they are wrong to begin with but absolutely awful when way out of whack), he spent the first eight months of his life being criminally neglected and has not been socialized with people at all prior to coming home with us. Every day he gets a little less afraid, a bit more confident, and fluffier! He loves to play and loves Miss Minnie. Minnie is getting accustomed to the idea of him. She does want to be the alpha (she fits right I with the women in our family) but is slowly coming around. She is just a great loving little girl who doesn't know how to play. Hopefully she and Bandit will continue rub off on each other. They already are! The job hunt is also moving along. I have some part time work and an interview at a charter Jr high tom that is still looking for a dance teacher. As was explained to me, recent in laws in Texas have made it impossible for schools to hire a non certified or qualified teacher. To be qualified, you have to pay the state and pass their subject tests (which if they are anything like the state arts tests I took in high school, are an absolute joke. Fingers crossed!) If the teacher is not certified, Texas schools have to send letters home to parents. Needless to say, one of the schools that wouldn't even give me an interview cut the program rather than hire a non Texas certified teacher. So now I'm playing by the rules and starting my alternitive certification. Hopefully it will work out with the dance teaching job! Theatre wise, I've had some response off all my emailing and mailings, but Houston theatres are still cliquey and very tight. I have an offer to choreograph 9 to 5 this summer. It's at a community theatre where they hire professional directors and designers. I loved the last time I worked with this director and am excited to work with him again!