Sunday, December 8, 2013

Home For The Holidays

Life continues. I'm working at LUSH for the holidays and hoping to score a job in grant land with my aunt at Metro. Job shopping has been difficult. I don't want to take a job just to have a job right now. I'm in a comfortable place where I can search for a good fit and taking advantage of it. (Though I've also put up a ton of Christmas decorations for my parents. Can I add elf to my resume?)
It's weird to talk to fellow actor friends, especially ones out of New York. Being "home for the holidays" has really made it clear I made the right decision. I was here through the latest wave of surgeries (back surgery for my dad and skin cancer removal for my grandad. Grandad now has a Mike Tyson style bite out of his ear.) I got to decorate my 90 year old grandfather's apartment for Christmas (he slept through it and then asked for more white bread to dip in his milk, but I got a few smiles out of him). I was able to eat Thanksgiving with my family complete with slight hangover from wine and monopoly the night before and committ to the Christmas Eve and Christmas dinners. My family is important to me and it took  losing a good chunk of it for me to realize it.
Lots of my friends in New York still ask me when I'm coming back. I don't think I am.
If my family was close, sure I would think hard about it and probably would. But when my uncle and godfather was dying, I had  6 hour plane ride and then more the 5 hours in a car to go visit him. It was two days there to spend an afternoon with him and then two days back. I missed his funeral cause I couldn't take a week off for it.
Besides my family, there are def some pluses to living out of New York. I love my dog. There is so much more space. Tamales and margaritas. And Mardi Gras!
If I was married to someone who made good money, I could sporadically teach, dance with a company, work with local theaters without having a real 9 to 5. I've worked lots of women and men who do in both NY and Houston. But I'm not and I want to be able to support myself. Just me, myself, and I. And in a grander style than living paycheck to paycheck. (Though I'm not buying Minnie fancy Blue Buffalo dog food again no matter how much I make. Those farts were deadly!)

Going on a blind date this week, thanks to one of my mom's friends. Nice Catholic boy in a stable job. my mother is ecstatic. My mom and her friends all seem to want to set me up with their sons,their friends, or their coworkers siblings, or anyone else they can find. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mickey Gilley, Minnie Mouse, and Knitting!

So I'm back at the beginning. Just as as I was debating giving notice, the teacher I replaced wanted to come back, so I am unemployed once more! Still kicking it, ribbon twirling, showgirling, and whatever the client wants while trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up! (Trophy wife is not an acceptable answer Though it is a tempting one, it requires dating. Which drives me batty!)
Pic from a J and D gig last week at House of Blues. (I am ashamed at how much I love that outfit) And Yes. That is elderly Mickey Gilley crooning away behind us. We were in good company as party entertainers!  I've been engaging in a lot of knitting and puppy therapy in the last week as I battled a rough cold. Results: a sweater and slippers! Now to add a career to my results. Hmmmm.....
New sweater and headband!

Minnie and Bandit tried to help with picture taking!
Cookie monster slippers!
Minnie in her Minnie Mouse Halloween costume! (Also a knitting project)
Taking it day by day and trying to figure it out. If life were easy, it wouldn't be this much fun!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Rolling Along

Life continues to be a little crazy. My grandfather into nursing rehab and then hopefully he will be in assisted living soon. So now its back to trying to figure my life out! Baby Bandit is settling in. From a puppy mill gone way wrong (they are wrong to begin with but absolutely awful when way out of whack), he spent the first eight months of his life being criminally neglected and has not been socialized with people at all prior to coming home with us. Every day he gets a little less afraid, a bit more confident, and fluffier! He loves to play and loves Miss Minnie. Minnie is getting accustomed to the idea of him. She does want to be the alpha (she fits right I with the women in our family) but is slowly coming around. She is just a great loving little girl who doesn't know how to play. Hopefully she and Bandit will continue rub off on each other. They already are! The job hunt is also moving along. I have some part time work and an interview at a charter Jr high tom that is still looking for a dance teacher. As was explained to me, recent in laws in Texas have made it impossible for schools to hire a non certified or qualified teacher. To be qualified, you have to pay the state and pass their subject tests (which if they are anything like the state arts tests I took in high school, are an absolute joke. Fingers crossed!) If the teacher is not certified, Texas schools have to send letters home to parents. Needless to say, one of the schools that wouldn't even give me an interview cut the program rather than hire a non Texas certified teacher. So now I'm playing by the rules and starting my alternitive certification. Hopefully it will work out with the dance teaching job! Theatre wise, I've had some response off all my emailing and mailings, but Houston theatres are still cliquey and very tight. I have an offer to choreograph 9 to 5 this summer. It's at a community theatre where they hire professional directors and designers. I loved the last time I worked with this director and am excited to work with him again!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

"No. You're a Comedienne."

Life simply refuses to settle down. Working on rolling with the river and not against it, but sometimes you just want to fight it! I haven't ended up with a teaching job, so I am starting to look at how to get my certificate and flexible jobs. Already have a job hooked up through J and D. They do most of the events in Houston. They are super sweet, treat their people well, and pay better than the company I did similar work with in New York. Starting to look for more part time teaching jobs and temping and subbing to fill the checkbook when the events are slim. Then I can take a show with TUTS or whoever if I can book it! The big monkey wrench right now was caused by my grandad. My grandad is 90 years old and still lives by himself with some help coming by to clean and get him his meals. My uncle who was taking care of him passed away in May, so after he had a rough fall the other day, the question is what next? I'm up in College Station at his place with my dad as we all try to sort it out. Life is on hold in it's own way until that is figured out. So Minnie and are here for comedic relief.
(Safety first with Minnie!) On the puppy front, sweet little blue eyed Brewski fought through Parvo, but was then beaten by distemper. It was a damned shame that such a sweet dog was not only dumped at a a shelter, but he was also never vaccinated. Get your dogs vaccinated! So we have been on the hunt for another friend to be for Minnie. She is so sweet and snuggly (and amazingly obedient), but she doesn't quite know how to play. So we're hoping to get one to play with her from a now defunct rescue in Abilene (the head of the rescue's dad has cancer, and she has shut it down in order to take care of him). There are three boys left there. We're going up to visit soon and get Minnie a four legged friend. Bandit is our favorite via photos, but we're open to which ever boy Minnie likes!
(The beautiful and probably troubleful Bandit! And he has a tail!) For now, just waiting on Dr.s, nurses, insurance, and the powers that be and watching tv with Grandad. Currently watching the '36 rendition of Slowboat. I haven't seen it in a long time and it's amazing how close the Zambello version is to it! (Though we didn't have a cowbell or a moo in the melodrama!)
Cause life just keeps rolling along! (I refuse to Oscar Hammerstein phonetically spell that out!)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Update with B's: Blogging, Boots, Boating, Borders, and a Blue Eyed Brew

I debated stopping my blog with leaving New York, but I'm hoping I can still find interesting things to write about. I'm back in Texas. Finished off Oliver! the last weekend in July and hit the road. It was a good run with a great group of people. Some young company hiccups, but I have faith in Harbor Lights to pick it up as they grow!
(Me moonlighting as Miss Kitty. I mean, being a bawd in Oliver!) We visited family in Mechanicsville, VA and Salem, SC along the way. It was great to see them all (especially when it included a day of boating with homemade peach daiquiris)! The last day of the drive, we dropped by the Twisted Branch Aussie Ranch a great little rescue operation in east Texas. My dad had said he didn't want a new dog when the inevitable day of our 15 year old Australian Shepherd's death came along. He changed his tune when it became a reality, but my mom had already concocted a scheme for a new dog way back in June. I would get a dog that would leave with me. Now it is two dogs! (One will still leave with me) We've been able to bring Minnie home (she is currently sitting on the floor only a few feet away from me, periodically fixing me with a stare to encourage petting), but Brewski has had some health problems
(Minnie's pet me face.) A purebred mini aussie, Brewski was dumped at a shelter by his previous owners. Somewhere between the breeder and previous owners, he was never vaccinated and came down with parvo. Karen who runs the rescue nursed him through it but he has been slow to get back to good health. She is afraid that his cough could be distemper (which be the end for the poor little thing. And it is entirely preventable with a vaccination!)
(Brewski is a beautiful little guy and so horribly sweet!) Hopefully we will soon get good news for our boy. Otherwise, it's just dropping resumes and cover letters and hoofing to try and get employed. A nearby school district is last minute looking for four junior high school theatre teachers and auditions for some local theatre companies. Fingers crossed!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Life in limbo continues weird and unreliable. Much like a window A/C unit! Our hours are super weird for Oliver, and I'm struggling to adjust. Which is killing my all over productivity! I was in for the Beauty and the Beast tour this week. Was kept all the way through without booking it. Once again. It makes me wonder. After going from being kept for projects in a rooms full of super broadway divas, I still can't manage to book a non union tour? (I pretty much stopped trying this year after being drug along by Shrek, never being kept to sing for West Side, and then my multiple final callbacks for Addams Family both this year and last year.) By this time last year, I had been back in New York for a month less, and had booked three paid shows and gotten a teaching job. This year, with my sturdier resume and much improved audition skills, I have had a teaching job and am working for free (my recent extreme Tennessee Williams life means I should take it with a grain of salt, but still!). I got an email last night from HISD. They finally approved me, and all of the jobs I wanted to apply for are filled. Somehow I doubt the elementary school that started as an all black high school during segregation wants a small white girl teaching dance. I haven't heard back from any other schools or districts. Trying to get up my momentum is still hard (not as hard as it was a month ago, but baby steps!) and it is so frustrating when I keep hitting brick walls. And I'm running out of bubble bath. Thank god shower gel can also make a good bubble bath!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Ends, Beginnings, and Pizza Limbo

With my life being the whacky upheaval the last few years have been, writing this blog has been a sort of therapy. It goes me time to think life through and write it out in a very different way than journaling. What started as a way to avoid talking about nothing but work with friends and family has become something completely different. Last night was my last night at Golda Och (Thanks to everyone there. The students and staff were all sweet and embracing to the gentile from Texas. My junior high school ladies even tried to get me married. Jewish mothers in training!) And it got me to thinking about what to do with this blog as I hop on new endings and beginnings. It's all far away from my original intent, but things grow and change on their own. Which means I'm going to keep writing. Especially right now. Until I move in August, I just have evening rehearsals and then weekend shows with Oliver. I'm in limbo, trying to enjoy my remaining time in the land of taste pizza. Then its back to enchiladas and margaritas!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The GTT Decision

It's been a rough start for 2013. With all that has gone done, I've sat down and done some major thinking about what is important to me, and I've come to a big decision. When Oliver! is over and my lease is up, I will be heading back to Texas. Being close to my family is much more important to me than I thought, and being so far away made all of the deaths and illness that the past two years have brought much more difficult. Also, I am tired of being poor. I love when I'm working, but when I'm not working, I'm miserable. I have 6 part time jobs and will end up working maybe two days a week. I worry about money to the point that I can't sleep. And the jobs I do have in between shows are exhausting and demeaning. There's only so much of that I can take! The state of the theatre is rocky right now. The middle ground is lost. Tours go out non equity and SETA instead of production, so there is no storing the nuts away for the winter of the next unemployment. Casts are small and many regional theatres are closing their doors. I know if I stuck it around, eventually the right show and the right team would come along and I'd have that Broadway credit (after much more regional theatre-ing). I'm just not patient enough to wait for it and wait tables until it comes. Broadway and most of what plays on it nowadays doesn't interest me. My voice, physical type, and dancing style are all not in vogue right now. I need another ten years on before I can play most character roles that suit my voice, so I'm heading back to Houston, looking to get a full time theatre teaching position and continue theatre in Houston's thriving store front scene. So Houston friends and theatre folk- I'm coming back! Let me know if you have anything for me (throwing it out there. I've done worse, annoying, self promoting things in New York!) I wouldn't take my foray into New York back for anything. It's been a blast, and I've worked with some amazing people and made some awesome new friends! The boots aren't done traveling. They are just two stepping and available for summers! And to my roomie, who left yesterday to start a new job and get married in San Antonio, thanks for everything. Go rock at life! (And I should be able to make your wedding now!)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Towanda Goes Cockney

So this has been roller coaster weekend. Lots of craziness I haven't asked for or wanted. Trying to tip my life back t the awesome side, slowly but surely. If only the world would come with! I got an offer for a lousy/barely/covers your travel expenses and perhaps one coffee production of Oliver. The audition was Thurs and incredibly empty. Less than forty girls, mostly no equity and all with a sort of sad desperation. It went well and they offered it to me. I haggled for the first time (before signing a contract. I'm learning)and I'm waiting to hear back on if I can get two cups of coffee from my salary. So I go to check my camp job (show rehearses nights and weekends and then runs four evening shows. Would be totally doable with camp)and they give me crazy answers. From the JCC, I didn't know you were interested (despite receiving my cover letter and resume?)and then schwitzing about low enrollment at the studio down the street. Two "irm most likely Nos?" "We're having budget problems" from schools I've worked for before. Ensue my panic. Day of pacing and more talking to myself than usual. Doing lots of calculations and what ifs in my brain. I haven't received my two coffee offer yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll take it. It's good creative team full of people who work all the time. Only two weeks where I am unable to go in and flyer or some money (the first week I'm still at Golda Och) It's less of a job and more of a two weekworkation. The hours are short (relatively speaking). The world has tried me bring me down, so this a treat from me to me. It's a two week bubble bath,during which I play some bizzare let's pretend. My motto for this weekend and life in general "Towanda"! This lady will triumph. Bring it world! Though I would really appreciate a break from suckey things for a while). I'll leave with some classic Towanda feirceness!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Awkward Shower Belting And Ramblings

It's been an antsy self reflective week so far. The kids have most of this week off from school, which means I'm off work. But one of my other part time jobs (office work (blegh) and some sub teaching at a small musical theatre studio literally down the street from me) is super busy this week. I haven't worked more than bits and pieces here and there for them, and they really only need me for small occasional tasks right now. Which means I've been working on their "when there is nothing else to do" projects. I'm almost done with them all and I hate making copies for four hours straight. Hopefully this will lead to better paying teacher hours during the summer once I'm done at Golda Och. It's also good to have some time to keep my mind off suckey life things. This week has been slow on auditions I fit. The one I had, I tried new material in my callback. It didn't work the way I tried it. So good thing to know. Onto the next week. I know I'm making the right steps, upping my ante and such, but I just want to be performing again. I'm grateful for Showboat. I got to meet some great people and be able to spend the time with family when we all needed to be together. It also gave me both the time and the financial ability to be able to visit my uncle as much as I did inhis last few days. I'm ready to be back at 8 shows a week. In a rehearsal where I'm not just going through choreo in the back. I want to be face belting and high kicking on someone else's dime, not my own. And this has been my VAL moment for the day. Dance ten and so on and so on. Sometimes awkward shower belting does make you feel better!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ups and Downs Across the Country

It's been an up and down few days. After getting the kids through the rest of Be Our Guest, I stayed up way too late re-editing my reel for the umpteenth time this month. This time without pics! Caught the red eye to Houston then hopped in a car to drive to the VA to see my uncle one last time. Didn't make it in time. I'm becoming way too familiar with corpses and how to clear out a hospital room after a death. It was good for my folks, especially for my dad that I was there, so no regrets! Back to Houston for Fledermaus auditions. I was one of final eight. Loved auditioning for Danny Pelzig. He cut the big group early and with realistic choices. It wasn't squishy sorry about this cutting but very tactful manner of fact cutting. It was a ballerina heavy group. I stuck out. Hopefully in a good way. Got lots of notes from Danny (always a good sign), had a grand old time soft shoeing to some Cole Porter and waltzing to Strauss. If nothing else, it was a chance to go in for a choreographer who does lots of my type of shows (multiple My Fair Lady's in the past few years). I liked his choreo and he was fun. I dont' know why I felt comfortable with a small Jewish man from New York. I'll have to thank my students on Monday.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fruitcakey Grief

Grief is a funny beast. The other day I found out my uncle was in hospice. With pneumomia in his sole working lung, hope is miniscule that he will even still be there as I head down to Texas this weekend. As with my Grammy's passing, it has killed my momentum. I have to patient with myself and realize that when I am upset about stupid orlittle things. The real issue is much bigger and harder to let yourself feel. For now I'm grateful for amazing family and friends. You were all amazingly patient with me during the last fruitcake lump of grief, and I know you are there for me. You're amazing and I love you. (In lighter news my roomie just made me smile. She and the fiance are spending Sun night with him playing Pokemon and her watching and naming his game boy critters. This is a really weird version of nerdboy heaven. May all nerds be so lucky.)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Busy Bee!

I've been quite busy! Curtains callbacks went well. I finally have a trick when they ask for acrobatic tricks. Another thing to thank to the oh so lovely and amazing Michele Lynch for! They're finishing up local callbacks, so we are waiting in New York. Beauty and the Beast continues well. The kids had their read thru and have started music rehearsals. I have massive piano scores. It's time to cut some dance break bits and being choreographing for forks! (Though most of the students declared the spoon to be their favorite utensil. I hope Belle likes soups and puddings!) My friend Claire had a lovely wedding in Austin. She had her "Tale As Old As Time"complete with a big fluffy dress and a groom with good hair and ponytail. They're children will blessed with amazing thick hair. Beautiful ceremony and a great party full of dancing! It was then back to the east coast quickly for me for more Harmony fun. Made it past the second, and then past the third cut today. It was down to about twenty girls, most of who had some hardcore broadway and touring credits. I was also about five years younger than any of the other girls. No job from it, but definitely a step in the right direction! Because I haven't been busy enough this week (note sarcasm), I decided to redo my reel. Here it is!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Double 212 Call Sort Of Day!

I love when I get a 212 call that isn't from a temp agency. And I had two today! One was for Curtain south in Colorado. A show I love and a great place to be in the summer. I go back in for them on Thurs. The other was for Barry Manilow's latest musical. I wasn't happy with how I danced but apparently it was good enough. Monday for that. Today was fun. A call I wasn't right for but lots of lovely people to make it a sun shiny day despite the clouds and cold. Then off to callbacks for the little bit production of Beauty and the Beast. We all learned to pony today! A good day sir!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

With A Smile, A Face Kick, And A Half Cassie

It's finally warm!!!!! My spirits are so much better with all of this sunshine. Busy few days. I temped all weekend (coat check fun) and then hit up the Hello Dolly tour call on Monday. I used to have this crazy Dolly track record- always called back and never booked. Now I have two Dollies I have been cut from. Oh well. After I was cut, I came back to an email from HGO's artistic director asking if I wanted to come audition for their production of Die Fledermaus set in the thirties with the dancers being ala Fred and Ginger. When one door don't book a tour with lousy pay and do something else! Got up early and headed to the newly remodeled Equity offices to dance for Forestburgh Playhouse this morning. Confession: I've never been to Equity before. Being non eq and unable to use the toilets made me mad enough that I avoided auditions there. I decided audition reciprocity should extend to the bathrooms. The call was dead. The new floors are slick! I ballsed through a mistake with a smile, a face kick, and a half Cassie (not a full Music and Mirror layout- just a small one) and got kept to sing. I was happy with how I sounded (I haven't been lately- the joys of spring allergies when you already have a voice that tends to the "pack a day" smokey timbre). I got excited. Held a note too long. Came in late on my last phrase but I sold it. Flawed but with personality! Panera with buds (what else do I do?), then onto Elf. It was "under dancing" and little things which is not my strong suit. Cut and rightly so. Overall, not a bad few days. I'm finding my stride again. Sunshine and a steady paycheck also lead to a happy Corkey! Anything with champagne and this many ruffles wins my approval!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunny Thursday Catch Up

I've been a bad blogger lately. Auditions have been coming and going with no job offers. Callbacks but no jobs. I shouldn't feel shame, but for some odd reason I do. I wanted good news to write, since I've had a rough patch with personal stuff and tales of refusing to work for teeny salaries (150 a week is food stamp poor. No can do!). There are still auditions to come. Something will come up (it always does), and I can get back to high kicking it.I'm just spoiled rotten working as continuously as I have been. In the mean time, I have picked up a great new job to help the in between times. It's something I actually like to do! Starting the third week of April, I am taking over a part time job at Golda Och Academy for their dance and theatre teacher who is out on maternity leave. I teach on Wed and then choreograph and assistant direct their production of Beauty and the Beast. My boss is an old college friend, and if callbacks pop up during my one day of teaching, they are willing to work around it. I lucked out and am excited to get back to working a purposeful job. (Not that temping and flyering aren't the most fun in thing in the world. I like being rejected by tourists and asking wealthy drunk men at auctions if they would like to sign up for a paddle. For the auction! Mind in the gutter.)Now if only the sunshine would be matched by spring weather, I could be rocking and optimistic again. Until then, I'll just keep knitting and dreaming of sundresses, boat shoes, and swimming!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Yankee Boots VS Cowboy Boots (I Have A Slight Boot Problem)

This time of year is "audition season." Which means a number of things. There are more auditions but there are also way more people. And lots of really low paying summer gigs. The wide eyed spring breakers are welcome to them. I have found with my AGMA recoprocity, that I have very little patience for the open call mess. I need my space in the holding room. I do so much better if I have a quiet little spot. I love getting seen Equity. It's so much smoother. The girls are more reasonable about life. There is less dream chasing and more career building. Also, you always get to dance. Which is amazing! After unsuccessfully hitting several open calls on wed, I took my frustrated knitting needles down to Texas to visit the family. The escape is much needed, and it is really important to me that I visit my uncle during this rough time. You only get one family, and we Celts stick it out with them. Spent yesterday having a very lovely visit with him and today I head to the rodeo with my folks. I'm a bad Texan (plus I didn't realize there were rodeo plans in the making) so I don't have my Texan garb on me. My boots, boot cut jeans, and western shirts are all in NJ. Whoops. I have skinny jeans and granny boots. Though my hat is still here, I somehow doubt it will go with that! Lets be honest, my favorite part of the rodeo was always the sheep dog trials. I can totally steal away with one this year. Right? :-) The only pictures I have of my boots are from Best Little Whorehouse six years ago. So here is baby me in my boots. They were my Mom's in her college days and they are still going strong!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Defarge Days

Today was a good day! I've been a rather grumpy Madame Defarge-like character in my return to New York. Angrily knitting and wishing I could poke the bright young sparkle eyed coed on spring break with my knitting needles. I went in today for Michele Lynch for Footloose in Kansas City. They don't see non union, so there was plenty of space in the holding room. Michele was lovely as always. I had fun, broke out a good sweat, and I was happy with my audition. It was amazing to see Michele again. I love dancing her choreo and she is an amazing soul. It's always nice to feellike you have a cheerleader behind the table! Due to weather, my dad's flight back from Newark was canceled, so I met him at the airport for a late lunch. It was great to see him and chat. Plus I had a really tastey lunch! It was a day full of great people and happy knitting! Things to make Michele even more awesome-she's worked with Dolly!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Type Outs and Corkey Outs!

Back at it and auditioning this week. Lots of girls. Lots of short type out combos. No callbacks. When you only dance for fifteen minutes, they're assuming you can dance and looking more at your type. I've sat in a lot of holding rooms and knitted like a crazy person. Result: scarf and a turban! In other news, I'm done Roxie red tightsing. They're picking up another big "theatrical" promo (wear a tacky costume in all weather that doesn't fit bad shoes, and behave like an idiot while getting in everyone else's way) and as per usual ampped up the crazy. It's thirty degrees outside.I was never their best crazy cause I hate it. Times Square is not a stage, half these people don't speak English and think you are handing out fluers for a weird strip club. So I'm done with it. They got on my case about not being theatrical enough and that was my last straw. i am no longer in fear of running into people I know, ending up on the twitter, or in general making an unintentional mockery of what I prefer to be doing for a living. I celebrated last night by knitting a new scarf and having me some caramel delights! All in all, I am starting to get rid of my post pardem Slowboat depression. This next week is going to be crazy busy. Bring it New York!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Back In The City And The Cold

I'm right back in the thick of it. Took a little time off to visit with the fam. With my uncle being sick, I really hadn't seen much of my parents spite living in their house, so I stayed an extra week and hung around with them. Watched lots of Downtown and began my first knitting project. (Mom had to catch up on the soapy sillieness so she could chat about it to her friends. I was working on a potholder that ew rather large. It is the beginning of my knitting career. All my friends should expect silly knitted gifts from now on. ) I'm currently killing time before heading back to the open cal for the non union Mamma Mia tour. Even though they had calls last month, this one as still crazy busy. My were union/not union half life has me spoiled when it comes to this big nasty open calls. More than anything I just need to get going again. With a carrot cake muffin! In other news, I got some lovely pics from miss Caitlin Cannon. She is an excellent carpool buddy, a terrific tapper, and takes some beautiful photos. Check them out and check out her website at Here is a link to my photos. Let me know what you think.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

It Just Keeps Rolling Along

Another one down. We closed Showboat last night. It was a great experience and a great first job as a swing. Like Michele told me early on, it isn't as much fun, but I was blessed to get to journey on the Cotton Blossom for just a few nights with such an amazing group of people and a great company to work for. Hopefully it is just the first of many productions to come!
My fellow swing extraordinare took this from the balcony during my stint as "the girl without a costume." I did make a lot of friends that week. :-) In other news, I was crazy and went up Thursday and auditioned for Richard's Stafford's production of Guys and Dolls for Westchester. He and his associate Jonathan were bother super sweet (as they always are) and it went well. They kept me to sing and I had blast kick ball changing my 8 bars with Ted Lundy (my favorite accompianist. He is always so cheery a nd he likes my go to songs). Hopefully it leads to a nice long contract that keeps me in NY for the heavy audition season. Thankfully, I made it out of Newark right as it was starting to snow and had plenty of time before my last journey on the old Cotton Blossom! Some clips of the fierceness I have enjoyed for the last two months. He also gives great hugs. :-)

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Laser Therapy

I went in this past weekend for TUT's production of Spamalot. I was expecting tippping, instead they tapped us. (Only in Houston do the girls tap. Really?) Didn't make the tap cut. Oh well. Like I always say, I'll only work for TUT's when I'm forty and I'm playing a supporting role. On a much more entertaining note, I took my fifteen year old dog for her laser treatements today. She has a bad hip that gets lasered once a month. As often goes with the nearby muscles, they aren't as strong either. She got into the room and pooped. Whether excitment, fear, or just old age was the cause, I do not know. The vet tech laughed it off. I'm sure he picks up more dog poop than the average person. Chatting with him as he lasered my old lady, he talked about he occassionally used it on his own arthritic knee. I'm sure someday, I'll have bad hips and thumbs (jump splits and catching the jumpsplits) and need laser therapy myself. It does work really well for my old lady and it's a pretty cool treatment. When's my turn? ;)
I thought it was funny to put my beret on her. She clearly disagreed. But she looks so chic!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Round Up On A Sunny Texas Tuesday

I've Ben trying to keep my blog for more happy thoughts and stories, but lately that has been difficult. Hence my silence. I will say that I am so grateful to be working and with my family at this difficult time. I could not have wished for a better crew of people to work with or a better family to have. Lots of long walks, bubble baths, and red lipstick also help. Friday night we opened "Showboat." After over a week swinging on, I was back on the sidelines with a head cold. I took this as an opportunity to actually look good on opening night. No wig hair or excess sweat, instead I rocked my Grammy's black velvet coat with black fox fur cuffs. It drew the notice and approval of Houston socialite Lyan Wyatt, who plays a small role at the end of the show. I'm sure my Grammy was dancing in her grave with glee! Lynn and her Texas size hair. (Yes. It looks like that every day. And I bet she gets it done every day.)
The first weekend is now over, and we have a long break as they open Giovanni this week. (They run the two operas in rep). So I'm off with my Mum to go visit my uncle and Grandad. Here's to happy thoughts and finding joy in the little things! (Also, I have a pair of new Laducas coming in the mail. Will they sway me back over to the dark side? Keep looking for updates to find out!)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weird Nights And Rainy Days With Boats

The past few days have been both rough and weird. Plus, Houston is currently in the midst of a random rainy season. I might be boating the bayous to work tonite. With injuries and the flu, I will have been on all week. Several days it was for more than one girl. (Two tracks one girl?). It's been rough hopping in as we move onto the stage for the first time, but last night brought a whole new level of weird. The company is very proud of not using their covers, so they hire a few but don't finish the process. So last night swinging on during the first dress, I was costume less and without a space to sit in the dressing room. Judy, head of the large costume running crew has got me shod in shoes at least. Thank goodness. (Since she's spraying an old pair of my personal boots, she also replaced the jump split destroyed rubber with some super nice new rubber.) I've got two more nights of going on costume-less amongst the extravaganza. I've got to keep focused because any mistake I make is magnified by my lack of period dress and hair (for instance me mucking up most of the Charleston last night. Which is just the final impression I want to leave for the night). It's time like these that I have to remind myself that it's a job. It might not be in a cubicle, but it's still a job. Let go and don't get upset about the things I can't control. And in honor of the torrential rainstorms

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Survivor: Cotton Blossom

21:09 Amidst the flurry and joy of a Cotton Blossom wedding extravaganza, there is plot beginning to unfurl. With a pop, a shoulder goes out. Another shoulder starts to ache in unison, and a second and third dancer go down. Stage management has the incidntment forms ready. Workman's comp is there and waiting for the dancers, but where did this all begin? And what will happen next? (Cue spooky music)
1:27 The first shoulder returns from the ER in a sling. Dancer out. She's game and making Dr.'s appointments, but the questions are rolling in. What is happening on this showboat?
9:42 Another dancer seeing a Dr. Is it flu, strep, or possibly consumption (a favorite operatic disease)? Only tests will tell. 2 Dancers out.
12:22 Dance rehearsal canceled for today. Swing brought in for the evening piano tech, but she can only do one track at a time. Perhaps this is a nefarious plot. Who else would like to join the high kicking ladies? Is it Gay Ravenal? Is he even now waxing his stashe and preparing to attempt some stashe twirling? Could it be the seemingly sweet Nola? She's already the star but she likes the girl's snazzy red footwear. Or perhaps it's one of her folks. Parthy has never liked playing second fiddle to her husband's Showboat. And let's face it, Cpt Andy has way too much fun imitating Ellie's sassy, bad girl walk. He might want to join in the high kicks. Or it could be Ellie, tyring to make the showboat a one girl show. Let's be honest, it could be anyone or everyone (except Joe, cause it's just too much work for him!). What will happen next? Stay tuned for the next episode of Survivor: Cotton Blossom and we shall see! (Plus Frank might try and eat his red satin top hat in desperation. His palette has been destroyed working this old boat, and he's hungry!)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Coping With Berets and Bevels

It's always the way. Once you have one part of your life in good shakes, another part falls to pieces. I've got my professional life in a good place. I'm working with some phenomenal people (including some really amazing fellow swings), I've got good friends, and I know where I'm headed. The personal stuff has been a little sketchy of late. Less than a week from burying my Grammy, we were back in hospital rooms with my uncle. The diagnosis is still lacking in specifics, but he has lung cancer. At first I was mad at the powers that be more than anything. It was the other side of the family but still, must we constantly be screwed? After six years in and out of hospitals with Grammy and my other Grandma going with a surprising but very blessed speed via heartache, couldn't we at least have a week off? Perhaps a few months? A year would be nice. I bargain shopped and danced my anger out today. (Currently really into striped boatnecks, skinny pants, and berets. I look absurdly French with my short hair and coloring). I'm grateful my family is caring and supportive. I'm grateful that we support each other thru both the shit and the roses. I love my crazy messed up Tennessee Williams family and I will be there for them thru this and whatever this and the next year brings with a smile and a bevel. And I know they will always be there for me. (Though when times get tough, chocolate, bubble baths, berets, and wine are excellent ways of coping.)