Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ups and Downs Across the Country

It's been an up and down few days. After getting the kids through the rest of Be Our Guest, I stayed up way too late re-editing my reel for the umpteenth time this month. This time without pics! Caught the red eye to Houston then hopped in a car to drive to the VA to see my uncle one last time. Didn't make it in time. I'm becoming way too familiar with corpses and how to clear out a hospital room after a death. It was good for my folks, especially for my dad that I was there, so no regrets! Back to Houston for Fledermaus auditions. I was one of final eight. Loved auditioning for Danny Pelzig. He cut the big group early and with realistic choices. It wasn't squishy sorry about this cutting but very tactful manner of fact cutting. It was a ballerina heavy group. I stuck out. Hopefully in a good way. Got lots of notes from Danny (always a good sign), had a grand old time soft shoeing to some Cole Porter and waltzing to Strauss. If nothing else, it was a chance to go in for a choreographer who does lots of my type of shows (multiple My Fair Lady's in the past few years). I liked his choreo and he was fun. I dont' know why I felt comfortable with a small Jewish man from New York. I'll have to thank my students on Monday.

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