Thursday, May 16, 2013

Awkward Shower Belting And Ramblings

It's been an antsy self reflective week so far. The kids have most of this week off from school, which means I'm off work. But one of my other part time jobs (office work (blegh) and some sub teaching at a small musical theatre studio literally down the street from me) is super busy this week. I haven't worked more than bits and pieces here and there for them, and they really only need me for small occasional tasks right now. Which means I've been working on their "when there is nothing else to do" projects. I'm almost done with them all and I hate making copies for four hours straight. Hopefully this will lead to better paying teacher hours during the summer once I'm done at Golda Och. It's also good to have some time to keep my mind off suckey life things. This week has been slow on auditions I fit. The one I had, I tried new material in my callback. It didn't work the way I tried it. So good thing to know. Onto the next week. I know I'm making the right steps, upping my ante and such, but I just want to be performing again. I'm grateful for Showboat. I got to meet some great people and be able to spend the time with family when we all needed to be together. It also gave me both the time and the financial ability to be able to visit my uncle as much as I did inhis last few days. I'm ready to be back at 8 shows a week. In a rehearsal where I'm not just going through choreo in the back. I want to be face belting and high kicking on someone else's dime, not my own. And this has been my VAL moment for the day. Dance ten and so on and so on. Sometimes awkward shower belting does make you feel better!

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