Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Disdain with Victor and Back In Blonde

And time flies by! Victor/Victoria was amazing. It's one of my favorite shows and everyone involved was beyond amazing. The show is way bigger than I realized, especially with the old (and dusty) Broadway sets and costumes. One of my cast mates (in addition to being absurdly funny) was also a fabulous photographer, so I have some great pictures. John B. Williford is a rockstar!
 Disdain In Lace
Gangster's molls attack Ron. He liked it.
(These costumes were the most complicated thing I've ever worn)
Lady Mary who?
Gaily French
 Le Jazz Hot. Boom Kat!
 Life has been a lot slower since we closed. Which feels weird after the last four manic months. The show I was supposed to choreograph didn't end up happening (budget issues), so it's just teaching and J & D fun right now. Here are some awesome pics from the job I did Monday with J & D. Two more to go this week.
Driving a Ford Edsel with Elvis riding shotgun. 
(We really just needed a DD between the two of us)
 Mole in black and white

All in all, not too shabby. Especially on a gorgeous day like today!