Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fruitcakey Grief

Grief is a funny beast. The other day I found out my uncle was in hospice. With pneumomia in his sole working lung, hope is miniscule that he will even still be there as I head down to Texas this weekend. As with my Grammy's passing, it has killed my momentum. I have to patient with myself and realize that when I am upset about stupid orlittle things. The real issue is much bigger and harder to let yourself feel. For now I'm grateful for amazing family and friends. You were all amazingly patient with me during the last fruitcake lump of grief, and I know you are there for me. You're amazing and I love you. (In lighter news my roomie just made me smile. She and the fiance are spending Sun night with him playing Pokemon and her watching and naming his game boy critters. This is a really weird version of nerdboy heaven. May all nerds be so lucky.)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Busy Bee!

I've been quite busy! Curtains callbacks went well. I finally have a trick when they ask for acrobatic tricks. Another thing to thank to the oh so lovely and amazing Michele Lynch for! They're finishing up local callbacks, so we are waiting in New York. Beauty and the Beast continues well. The kids had their read thru and have started music rehearsals. I have massive piano scores. It's time to cut some dance break bits and being choreographing for forks! (Though most of the students declared the spoon to be their favorite utensil. I hope Belle likes soups and puddings!) My friend Claire had a lovely wedding in Austin. She had her "Tale As Old As Time"complete with a big fluffy dress and a groom with good hair and ponytail. They're children will blessed with amazing thick hair. Beautiful ceremony and a great party full of dancing! It was then back to the east coast quickly for me for more Harmony fun. Made it past the second, and then past the third cut today. It was down to about twenty girls, most of who had some hardcore broadway and touring credits. I was also about five years younger than any of the other girls. No job from it, but definitely a step in the right direction! Because I haven't been busy enough this week (note sarcasm), I decided to redo my reel. Here it is!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Double 212 Call Sort Of Day!

I love when I get a 212 call that isn't from a temp agency. And I had two today! One was for Curtain south in Colorado. A show I love and a great place to be in the summer. I go back in for them on Thurs. The other was for Barry Manilow's latest musical. I wasn't happy with how I danced but apparently it was good enough. Monday for that. Today was fun. A call I wasn't right for but lots of lovely people to make it a sun shiny day despite the clouds and cold. Then off to callbacks for the little bit production of Beauty and the Beast. We all learned to pony today! A good day sir!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

With A Smile, A Face Kick, And A Half Cassie

It's finally warm!!!!! My spirits are so much better with all of this sunshine. Busy few days. I temped all weekend (coat check fun) and then hit up the Hello Dolly tour call on Monday. I used to have this crazy Dolly track record- always called back and never booked. Now I have two Dollies I have been cut from. Oh well. After I was cut, I came back to an email from HGO's artistic director asking if I wanted to come audition for their production of Die Fledermaus set in the thirties with the dancers being ala Fred and Ginger. When one door don't book a tour with lousy pay and do something else! Got up early and headed to the newly remodeled Equity offices to dance for Forestburgh Playhouse this morning. Confession: I've never been to Equity before. Being non eq and unable to use the toilets made me mad enough that I avoided auditions there. I decided audition reciprocity should extend to the bathrooms. The call was dead. The new floors are slick! I ballsed through a mistake with a smile, a face kick, and a half Cassie (not a full Music and Mirror layout- just a small one) and got kept to sing. I was happy with how I sounded (I haven't been lately- the joys of spring allergies when you already have a voice that tends to the "pack a day" smokey timbre). I got excited. Held a note too long. Came in late on my last phrase but I sold it. Flawed but with personality! Panera with buds (what else do I do?), then onto Elf. It was "under dancing" and little things which is not my strong suit. Cut and rightly so. Overall, not a bad few days. I'm finding my stride again. Sunshine and a steady paycheck also lead to a happy Corkey! Anything with champagne and this many ruffles wins my approval!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunny Thursday Catch Up

I've been a bad blogger lately. Auditions have been coming and going with no job offers. Callbacks but no jobs. I shouldn't feel shame, but for some odd reason I do. I wanted good news to write, since I've had a rough patch with personal stuff and tales of refusing to work for teeny salaries (150 a week is food stamp poor. No can do!). There are still auditions to come. Something will come up (it always does), and I can get back to high kicking it.I'm just spoiled rotten working as continuously as I have been. In the mean time, I have picked up a great new job to help the in between times. It's something I actually like to do! Starting the third week of April, I am taking over a part time job at Golda Och Academy for their dance and theatre teacher who is out on maternity leave. I teach on Wed and then choreograph and assistant direct their production of Beauty and the Beast. My boss is an old college friend, and if callbacks pop up during my one day of teaching, they are willing to work around it. I lucked out and am excited to get back to working a purposeful job. (Not that temping and flyering aren't the most fun in thing in the world. I like being rejected by tourists and asking wealthy drunk men at auctions if they would like to sign up for a paddle. For the auction! Mind in the gutter.)Now if only the sunshine would be matched by spring weather, I could be rocking and optimistic again. Until then, I'll just keep knitting and dreaming of sundresses, boat shoes, and swimming!