Thursday, January 31, 2013

Laser Therapy

I went in this past weekend for TUT's production of Spamalot. I was expecting tippping, instead they tapped us. (Only in Houston do the girls tap. Really?) Didn't make the tap cut. Oh well. Like I always say, I'll only work for TUT's when I'm forty and I'm playing a supporting role. On a much more entertaining note, I took my fifteen year old dog for her laser treatements today. She has a bad hip that gets lasered once a month. As often goes with the nearby muscles, they aren't as strong either. She got into the room and pooped. Whether excitment, fear, or just old age was the cause, I do not know. The vet tech laughed it off. I'm sure he picks up more dog poop than the average person. Chatting with him as he lasered my old lady, he talked about he occassionally used it on his own arthritic knee. I'm sure someday, I'll have bad hips and thumbs (jump splits and catching the jumpsplits) and need laser therapy myself. It does work really well for my old lady and it's a pretty cool treatment. When's my turn? ;)
I thought it was funny to put my beret on her. She clearly disagreed. But she looks so chic!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Round Up On A Sunny Texas Tuesday

I've Ben trying to keep my blog for more happy thoughts and stories, but lately that has been difficult. Hence my silence. I will say that I am so grateful to be working and with my family at this difficult time. I could not have wished for a better crew of people to work with or a better family to have. Lots of long walks, bubble baths, and red lipstick also help. Friday night we opened "Showboat." After over a week swinging on, I was back on the sidelines with a head cold. I took this as an opportunity to actually look good on opening night. No wig hair or excess sweat, instead I rocked my Grammy's black velvet coat with black fox fur cuffs. It drew the notice and approval of Houston socialite Lyan Wyatt, who plays a small role at the end of the show. I'm sure my Grammy was dancing in her grave with glee! Lynn and her Texas size hair. (Yes. It looks like that every day. And I bet she gets it done every day.)
The first weekend is now over, and we have a long break as they open Giovanni this week. (They run the two operas in rep). So I'm off with my Mum to go visit my uncle and Grandad. Here's to happy thoughts and finding joy in the little things! (Also, I have a pair of new Laducas coming in the mail. Will they sway me back over to the dark side? Keep looking for updates to find out!)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weird Nights And Rainy Days With Boats

The past few days have been both rough and weird. Plus, Houston is currently in the midst of a random rainy season. I might be boating the bayous to work tonite. With injuries and the flu, I will have been on all week. Several days it was for more than one girl. (Two tracks one girl?). It's been rough hopping in as we move onto the stage for the first time, but last night brought a whole new level of weird. The company is very proud of not using their covers, so they hire a few but don't finish the process. So last night swinging on during the first dress, I was costume less and without a space to sit in the dressing room. Judy, head of the large costume running crew has got me shod in shoes at least. Thank goodness. (Since she's spraying an old pair of my personal boots, she also replaced the jump split destroyed rubber with some super nice new rubber.) I've got two more nights of going on costume-less amongst the extravaganza. I've got to keep focused because any mistake I make is magnified by my lack of period dress and hair (for instance me mucking up most of the Charleston last night. Which is just the final impression I want to leave for the night). It's time like these that I have to remind myself that it's a job. It might not be in a cubicle, but it's still a job. Let go and don't get upset about the things I can't control. And in honor of the torrential rainstorms

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Survivor: Cotton Blossom

21:09 Amidst the flurry and joy of a Cotton Blossom wedding extravaganza, there is plot beginning to unfurl. With a pop, a shoulder goes out. Another shoulder starts to ache in unison, and a second and third dancer go down. Stage management has the incidntment forms ready. Workman's comp is there and waiting for the dancers, but where did this all begin? And what will happen next? (Cue spooky music)
1:27 The first shoulder returns from the ER in a sling. Dancer out. She's game and making Dr.'s appointments, but the questions are rolling in. What is happening on this showboat?
9:42 Another dancer seeing a Dr. Is it flu, strep, or possibly consumption (a favorite operatic disease)? Only tests will tell. 2 Dancers out.
12:22 Dance rehearsal canceled for today. Swing brought in for the evening piano tech, but she can only do one track at a time. Perhaps this is a nefarious plot. Who else would like to join the high kicking ladies? Is it Gay Ravenal? Is he even now waxing his stashe and preparing to attempt some stashe twirling? Could it be the seemingly sweet Nola? She's already the star but she likes the girl's snazzy red footwear. Or perhaps it's one of her folks. Parthy has never liked playing second fiddle to her husband's Showboat. And let's face it, Cpt Andy has way too much fun imitating Ellie's sassy, bad girl walk. He might want to join in the high kicks. Or it could be Ellie, tyring to make the showboat a one girl show. Let's be honest, it could be anyone or everyone (except Joe, cause it's just too much work for him!). What will happen next? Stay tuned for the next episode of Survivor: Cotton Blossom and we shall see! (Plus Frank might try and eat his red satin top hat in desperation. His palette has been destroyed working this old boat, and he's hungry!)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Coping With Berets and Bevels

It's always the way. Once you have one part of your life in good shakes, another part falls to pieces. I've got my professional life in a good place. I'm working with some phenomenal people (including some really amazing fellow swings), I've got good friends, and I know where I'm headed. The personal stuff has been a little sketchy of late. Less than a week from burying my Grammy, we were back in hospital rooms with my uncle. The diagnosis is still lacking in specifics, but he has lung cancer. At first I was mad at the powers that be more than anything. It was the other side of the family but still, must we constantly be screwed? After six years in and out of hospitals with Grammy and my other Grandma going with a surprising but very blessed speed via heartache, couldn't we at least have a week off? Perhaps a few months? A year would be nice. I bargain shopped and danced my anger out today. (Currently really into striped boatnecks, skinny pants, and berets. I look absurdly French with my short hair and coloring). I'm grateful my family is caring and supportive. I'm grateful that we support each other thru both the shit and the roses. I love my crazy messed up Tennessee Williams family and I will be there for them thru this and whatever this and the next year brings with a smile and a bevel. And I know they will always be there for me. (Though when times get tough, chocolate, bubble baths, berets, and wine are excellent ways of coping.)