Saturday, January 5, 2013

Survivor: Cotton Blossom

21:09 Amidst the flurry and joy of a Cotton Blossom wedding extravaganza, there is plot beginning to unfurl. With a pop, a shoulder goes out. Another shoulder starts to ache in unison, and a second and third dancer go down. Stage management has the incidntment forms ready. Workman's comp is there and waiting for the dancers, but where did this all begin? And what will happen next? (Cue spooky music)
1:27 The first shoulder returns from the ER in a sling. Dancer out. She's game and making Dr.'s appointments, but the questions are rolling in. What is happening on this showboat?
9:42 Another dancer seeing a Dr. Is it flu, strep, or possibly consumption (a favorite operatic disease)? Only tests will tell. 2 Dancers out.
12:22 Dance rehearsal canceled for today. Swing brought in for the evening piano tech, but she can only do one track at a time. Perhaps this is a nefarious plot. Who else would like to join the high kicking ladies? Is it Gay Ravenal? Is he even now waxing his stashe and preparing to attempt some stashe twirling? Could it be the seemingly sweet Nola? She's already the star but she likes the girl's snazzy red footwear. Or perhaps it's one of her folks. Parthy has never liked playing second fiddle to her husband's Showboat. And let's face it, Cpt Andy has way too much fun imitating Ellie's sassy, bad girl walk. He might want to join in the high kicks. Or it could be Ellie, tyring to make the showboat a one girl show. Let's be honest, it could be anyone or everyone (except Joe, cause it's just too much work for him!). What will happen next? Stay tuned for the next episode of Survivor: Cotton Blossom and we shall see! (Plus Frank might try and eat his red satin top hat in desperation. His palette has been destroyed working this old boat, and he's hungry!)

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