Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weird Nights And Rainy Days With Boats

The past few days have been both rough and weird. Plus, Houston is currently in the midst of a random rainy season. I might be boating the bayous to work tonite. With injuries and the flu, I will have been on all week. Several days it was for more than one girl. (Two tracks one girl?). It's been rough hopping in as we move onto the stage for the first time, but last night brought a whole new level of weird. The company is very proud of not using their covers, so they hire a few but don't finish the process. So last night swinging on during the first dress, I was costume less and without a space to sit in the dressing room. Judy, head of the large costume running crew has got me shod in shoes at least. Thank goodness. (Since she's spraying an old pair of my personal boots, she also replaced the jump split destroyed rubber with some super nice new rubber.) I've got two more nights of going on costume-less amongst the extravaganza. I've got to keep focused because any mistake I make is magnified by my lack of period dress and hair (for instance me mucking up most of the Charleston last night. Which is just the final impression I want to leave for the night). It's time like these that I have to remind myself that it's a job. It might not be in a cubicle, but it's still a job. Let go and don't get upset about the things I can't control. And in honor of the torrential rainstorms

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