Thursday, January 31, 2013

Laser Therapy

I went in this past weekend for TUT's production of Spamalot. I was expecting tippping, instead they tapped us. (Only in Houston do the girls tap. Really?) Didn't make the tap cut. Oh well. Like I always say, I'll only work for TUT's when I'm forty and I'm playing a supporting role. On a much more entertaining note, I took my fifteen year old dog for her laser treatements today. She has a bad hip that gets lasered once a month. As often goes with the nearby muscles, they aren't as strong either. She got into the room and pooped. Whether excitment, fear, or just old age was the cause, I do not know. The vet tech laughed it off. I'm sure he picks up more dog poop than the average person. Chatting with him as he lasered my old lady, he talked about he occassionally used it on his own arthritic knee. I'm sure someday, I'll have bad hips and thumbs (jump splits and catching the jumpsplits) and need laser therapy myself. It does work really well for my old lady and it's a pretty cool treatment. When's my turn? ;)
I thought it was funny to put my beret on her. She clearly disagreed. But she looks so chic!

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