Sunday, February 10, 2013

It Just Keeps Rolling Along

Another one down. We closed Showboat last night. It was a great experience and a great first job as a swing. Like Michele told me early on, it isn't as much fun, but I was blessed to get to journey on the Cotton Blossom for just a few nights with such an amazing group of people and a great company to work for. Hopefully it is just the first of many productions to come!
My fellow swing extraordinare took this from the balcony during my stint as "the girl without a costume." I did make a lot of friends that week. :-) In other news, I was crazy and went up Thursday and auditioned for Richard's Stafford's production of Guys and Dolls for Westchester. He and his associate Jonathan were bother super sweet (as they always are) and it went well. They kept me to sing and I had blast kick ball changing my 8 bars with Ted Lundy (my favorite accompianist. He is always so cheery a nd he likes my go to songs). Hopefully it leads to a nice long contract that keeps me in NY for the heavy audition season. Thankfully, I made it out of Newark right as it was starting to snow and had plenty of time before my last journey on the old Cotton Blossom! Some clips of the fierceness I have enjoyed for the last two months. He also gives great hugs. :-)

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