Monday, January 30, 2012

G'night Moon!

I've arrived in Florida, which is much warmer than Jersey. Hurrah! Skirts and sundresses are ready to be worn!
Our cast house is entertainingly decorated. It's an odd mix of beachee and random stuff, some of which is stapled into the wall crookedly. The flip flops in the bathroom happen to be nailed into the wall. Plus there are still Christmas decorations. Odd mix of beach, granny, and frat.
There are five of us here, and the men's house has four more cast members. The rest of the cast is local. First day of rehearsal is done.
After rehearsal activities included: swimming in a nearby pool very briefly (It was cold), beer run in one of our cast mini vans (to the Mexican market. Goya anyone?), and an epic game of Apples to Apples (which I lost miserably). I'm a tired puppy, after sight reading tons of harmonies, many of which are surprisingly bizarre. And from turning cartwheels. G'night moon! (And same to the spoon)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

One Last Mitzvah Before I Go

Working with Chezzam again last night. Ten things things I learned from last nights gig:
1 Being a still statue is boring. I'm not dedicated enough to stand still. If a guests wants pics or to chat, I welcome any excuse to be a human being and not a wall hanging.
2 Walking tables are not only tacky, they are painful and humiliating. Human furniture gets treated poorly by bratty children, so said furniture pulls out teacher voice when they try and put half eaten snacks back on me. Plus the way the tables are rigged puts a lot of stress on your lower back. Not cool. (Though the macaroons were pretty tastey)
3 Trey and I could have been the awkward goofy pairs couple in one of our outfits. Character couple! Me in my velvet swing skirt and unflattering top. Him in his bowling shirt and pants. "And now performing their short program to "Rocking Robin"..." Our long program is to Carmen. He wears the mantilla and I get to be the bullfighter. But you don't know it until we reveal!
4 When in doubt and unable to hear the music over the drummers, just make everything hairography. Whether it was supposed to be or not.
5 Once again, money does not buy taste. But it does buy larger breasts.
6 There is nothing more funny than scaring young Jewish boys by asking them to dance. When they actually do dance with you, it becomes a "Pictures of Lilith" situation. Which is still pretty funny.
7 Mitzvahs are way different here. They are fairly ethnically monotoned. In the bizzare mix of Houston, the ones I went to as a kid were a poster card for ethnic diversity. Here they are poster cards for the Jersey Jew or the Long Island Hebrew. The guests all look very alike. Even down to their clothing choices and attitudes.Very different than my friend Alex's with Indian food and colors of the rainbow guests. You name it, it was there. And it danced several reels.
8 Some people will never be happy. Prime example- the mitzvah girl's mom. It was Mitzvah-zillas. Though being in multiple bad unitards means we had very little dignity left to loose.
9 I had heard about "Ice World" from the Chezzam vets. It was as bizzare as I imagined it would be. All white and silver costumes with "whimsical" white and blue makeup. Add Edward Scissorhands music and us starting off as frozen statues. Why would someone would want that at their over priced party? It's weird and creepy.

It's weird and creepy without the Tim Burton music. When throwing a party, Tim Burton does not come to mind. I'd prefer a Top Gun party. Volleyball anyone? ;)
10 An ice cold beer is amazing after a long and awkward job.
Today is my last day in Jersey for a while kicking it watching Great Performances with roomie and getting to all those last minute details of leaving for 2 months.
Tom Florida! I'm debating a celebratory drink on the plane. I haven't had a drink on a plane since they stopped using coupons. Actually having to pay for them makes them much less fun. Bon voyage everyone!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Whose Leopard Is It?

Cleaning. Laundry. Packing. It's been a busy but dull day. I've had an army of old movies playing in the background as I work. I found this gem in "Bringing Up Baby" which is one of my favorite movies.Howard Hawks is one of my favorite directors. I have a weakspot for screwball comedy. Katherine and Cary are at their wacky best. Plus a confusion of leopards!
Early on, not realizing that spacey Susan is his destiny, dull David tells her "Our relationship has been a series of misadventures from beginning to end." What he doesn't realize at that point- the best ones always are. :-)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hearing Things In Penn Station

Rehearsal for a bar mitzvah today. The casting director paired us up. He put me with Trey, who I've worked with but never danced with. We laughed as we realized he put the short character actors together. At least he put the tall character types together too. As Trey said when the hip hoppers started doing flips "character actors don't." New catchphrase! :-) Hahaha. We'll close the bar mitzvah with classic character couple duets. I'm sure it will be well appreciated. By us.
Sitting in Penn Station, I realized that I wasn't hearing Beethoven or Chopin. They were playing Rodgers and Hammerstein. "It Might As Well Be Spring." Which made me want to ditzily hum along and sashay about in a most ridiculous fashion.
So what else did I do when I headed home? I threw State Fair in on the old tube. Much to my surprise and against my recollections, the song that I had been singing all day was sung by a voice much like mine. I've very rarely heard it sung outside of the movie, and always by a more liltey soprano. Mezzo power and a super nice warmth to it. Huurah! Not saying she's an-I-desperately-want-to-play-her-character, but with a little work, it could be a nice song in my audition book. It's always worth a try!
Margy has a ton of dresses for a country farm girl. All with matching hats! This is one of my faves. I want it for myself!(I also want her perfectly coiffed hair. I think she hides hair dressers and seamstresses in that beautiful old farmhouse. )

Monday, January 23, 2012

Typing the Night Away

Sometimes theatre just plain blows. We all look to ourselves to try and figure out what we did wrong. When we did nothing wrong. Except for we didn't fit the type. I went to Goodspeed call for Carousel. Which I thought I would type into. Like I thought I would type into their production of Mame. Which is frustrating. I can't seem to shake it today. Despite the sunny weather. (45 is warm enough for tights and sundresses with sweaters after weather in the single digits)
Types are like the actor version of field positions. Instead of third base men, you're a leading man. Or an ingenue. I'm a character actor. Which means the bulk of my work will be when I have some age on me. As one of my college profs told me "You're going to play a lot of mothers." I can narrow that down to bad mothers. The Lucille Bluths of the world. But what do I do until then?
I was also told "young and spunkey" by another prof. Yet another said "goofy and not so bright sluts." The typing that made me laugh hysterically was after I first bobbed my hair. 'Femme Fatale." Really? Try talking to me and that all goes out the window. Way too southern and way too used to using comedy to deal with pain. (My family has had some hardcore Tennessee Williams moments, but we treat them more Tracy Letts. With a laugh. "Eat the fish, bitch!")
My type still defies. Except that no one is really sure. I'm a shoe in for anything English and period. If they are looking for comedic tavern wenches, even better!
One of the games we played in college to try and come up with more specific types was to list actors that you brought to mind. I kept my list up to date for a while, but since a large majority of them were movie actors, it's harder to transfer to stage. My list is comedic in it's variety.
Ones that make sense to me- Carrie Ann Moss, Nina Vardalos, Jenifer Gray, Bebe Neuwirth, Leslie Carron, Debbie Reynolds, Bettie Davis, Mary Stuart Masterson, Catherine O'Hara, Joan Crawford, Julie Andrews, Jessica Walter, Greta Garbo, Parker Posey, Joan Cusack, Claudette Colbert, Kat Dennings, Chita Rivera, Lotte Lenya, Ruby Keeler (I wanna be Peggy Sawyer!), Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Loretta Switt
The chick flickers- Zooey Deschanel, Meg Ryan, Lisa Kudrow, Drew Barrymore
The extreme WTFs- Uma Thurman, Mariska Hargitay, Angelina Jolie
What does this tell me? I do not know. It's pretty darn confused. Just like me!
So far roles I've really loved that I fit include:
Ditzy, overwhelmed starstuck gold digger circa 1923
Bitchy child star with dreams beyond her mother's
Drunken flapper with odd taste in jewelry and great extension
Clumsy hooker with flowers on her cowboy boots and a heart of gold
Dorkey Jewish girl with a taste for dorkey Russian boys
Plus a few weird friends, floozey dancers, and crazy moms (things you do in college and college only in your 20s).
God only knows what this all means, what waits for me next, or what my type may prove to be. This helped me shake off my frustration (hurrah!). Now to make dinner. I will continue to defy types and make a living! Take that world. :p
Love her! So glad she is on my wacky list. :-) (Claudette Colbert in "The Palm Beach Story" which is hysterical!)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Second Chances and Waffles Are Equally Fantastic

You don't often get second chances. Today I got one. Of a sort.
A couple of weeks ago, I bombed the second combo at an ECC. (See the above pitcure. That's about how I felt leaving the room.) Today there was a non union call for the same production. They were only looking for one specific track. And they started with that second combo. The one I spattered my brains all over the floor with two weeks ago. Huzzah!
They didn't keep me, but I redeemed myself in my eyes. The choreo still didn't feel like second nature at all, but I did it soooo much better. Plus I made more holding room friends. That is all I needed to do for my own peace of mind. Not exactly climbing Mount Rushmore, but it's the little victories that count when it is 16 degrees outside. Florida is totally calling my name right now. Anywhere warm.
The Rome and I trekked into town yesterday for brunch. It was still snowing, but the roomie brunch date called to us. Plus it counts as excercise! (Or so I tell my gym-less self.) We strayed from our usual dinner to the waffle shop. Which was super tastey. And will see us again!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Jaunty Hats and Jazz Hands

I finally got seen somewhere. Hurrah. Extra work Wed. Thurs the call I was headed to closed early after I killed myself tget there. So I picked up my headshots and bought a wool coat on clearance. My old one just died and with snow on the way, I was replacing that sucker asap!
Today I went to the non union European West Side Story jet girls call. Or as I like to call it the white girl call. Made it thru the first cut but not the second. I danced all right, but you could see both a style and a body type in who he kept. And it was pretty skinny among other things. Besides the fact that even at my most fierce, I still yearn to be a goofy idiot. Why take yourself seriously? It's only gangs, love, rape, racism, and death. As much crap as I've given the show, I still really love it. Good luck to those who got kept. Stay cool! (Bad joke. I just couldn't resist)
Excitingly, I had a fellow dancer introduce herself today and tell me she read my blog. Which is really awesome. Shout out to Heather! She was super sweet. Which means she told me I was funny. Score one for my ego. :-) Maybe I can Diablo Cody or Julie Powell my way out of being poor in my twenties! But alas, an auditioning nerdy bitch is not as interesting as a nerdy bitch becoming a stripper or a nerdy bitch trying to cook her way through Julia Child's legacy. I'm just job hunting and odd jobbing. No fluorescent thongs or aspics to write about. Just laducas and showtunes.
Woo! I'm not adjusted back to morning auditions, and I am tired. I have become smarter about other things in audition land. I signed in and left to get a real breakfast. Mmmm. Oatmeal and coffee. :-)
So my Friday night is uninteresting once more. Screwdriver at my side (made with ginger vodka. Yum!) I am watching Great Performances in my jammies. Italian opera makes me giggle. When a character is where they shouldn't be and they are warned to be quiet, they will always continue to sing. Often getting louder and adding runs. Passion at the wrong times and the longest death scenes in fabulous costumes. Opera at it's best! As this is about Anne Boleyn (whose hats I want. Cute stuff) I assume there will be one doozy of a death scene. Her head will roll! (And I will steal her hats)
There is something Twilight esque about this. New twists on Anne?

And this face is priceless. Oh true opera love!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Can't Do Anything But Laugh

Tom the morning comes very early. I have a 7 am call for a commercial way way way up in the Bronx. Once more onto the 511 train... At least the money is good. Woo paychecks!
Today I was not seen at Mary Poppins. It seems to be my theme song of late. They saw the first 30 none eq after taking their time with the equity ladies. Oh well. For future reference, they start with chimney sweep fun. Dress accordingly and rock those flat taps!
E readers are dangerous for book worms like me. You can get your books straight to you when you want them. Kindle book sale are even worse. My most recent acquisition has proved to be hysterical. People write some really weird fluffy fiction, but this takes the cake. Regency werewolf romances. Hahahaha. I haven't had such a good laugh in a long time. It's amazing how many bad wolf references you can cram into a couple hundred pages. Oh those wolfish charms! (You can probably hear me cackling as I write this.)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Resting up on a Holiday...with Hot Toddies

It's frigid! Being the theatrical version of Snowbird is going to be fabulous. Blessed warmth!
This week is going to be a doozy. Lots of auditions to try and be seen at. Finally booked a little extra work. Powerade commercial on Wed that pays well. Hopefully the new pics will help me book even more before I head South. Woo! Let's do it.
The one good thing about the cold-hot toddies! No wonder I always get typed into old school England. :-)
Oddly enough, lots of theatre nonsense took today off. When we do get a holiday off, it's never the one you expect. But you take it and enjoy it. With hot toddies.
Still working on fixing everything up. (Check out the link to your left for my professional site to see what I've done so far. Some new videos including Bananaphone!, new pics, and new color scheme.) While working on my dance reel, YouTube decided to replace my old school jazz selection with accordion music. It's a crap shoot on which song you will get. Even YouTube knows I'm ridiculous. See which one you get. With a hot toddy.(Or a good German brewskie if you get the accordion fun!)

I also found a 24 hr film I was in in college. Yeah. It's classy, and I am by far the far classiest (and shrillest) thing about it. This is not going on the old website at all, but I'll share the laugh here. And yes. That is me singing "Staying Alive" after I return to the shot glasses in the kitchen. That bad attempt at the BeeGees sound could only be me! Enjoy with a hot toddy!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busy Bee

I have been getting stuff done. Woo! Yesterday: new headshots and TU theatre alums night out. Both went smashingly. John Demato took some great shots. Everyone was in good spirits and froo froo drinks. Well done for a Saturday!
Today I went and registered as an extra for the Coen Brother's latest flick. I'm only going to be in town two weeks of their filming, but I sent a head shot in for kicks. Lo and behold they asked me to come in, so I did. I didn't have anything else to do!
Then I hopped a subway to get to a student film audition. Which was comedic.
1. The entire crew is Asian girls in glasses. They were very cute and nice. And had a pot of green tea on their table.
2. The character they have me reading for is Latina and in her thirties. I am Irish and in my twenties.
3. The camera wasn't looking us in the face, instead, it was to our side. Do you work for the camera or the director? Either way, one of them see your soul from your profile view. Or in my case, they see that you have junk in the trunk.
I laughed about it and headed home. Two of my fav grad students have Jan birthdays, so we celebrated with pub, cake, and My Fair Lady watching. I have my photos all switched over on my website and most of the casting sites. Only a little bit more work left to go. I can't wait to get my fresh stacks of new headshots. Hurrah!

Please hire me. I will work!

And for super quirky stuff!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Week of Not Being Seen

As the Equity Chorus Calls started up with a bang this week, so did the waiting. I don't if it's fresh faces, new year's resolutions, Christmas show returnees, or an alien chorus girl invasion, but the calls this week were crazy to a new level. Mondays calls were in small studios, which magnified the zoo-ish ness of it all. It was the chorus girl version of sardines. I went to one of the two sardine calls. They didn't see us. They didn't see anyone at the Flashdance call that morning. I didn't get seen at Jesus Christ Superstar. 0 for 3 this week. Sometimes that is just how it pans out.
Having a job for two months is so nice. Open calls are really more of an academic exercise than anything, and now I really can view them as that. I don't need this job in such A Chorus Line way, so instead I can really learn from each call. A bizzare rigorous training for the weirdest business on earth. Every time you fall off your audition bike, you learn a tidbit for later.
Went to see "The Seminar" last night. I'm working on seeing some theatre before I head South. Nicely played by the tight ensemble cast. Teresa Rebeck (whose work I love) got a little bit bogged down by words. Her comedy is fast and dirty, and it could have used a little word chopping. Overall, quite well done. Spark notes version: Alan Rickman can snark with the best of them, I want her apartment, Teresa Rebeck can make chick flick cliches funny (cookie dough does solve your problems), smart girls can be hot and funny, and none of my female writer friends have rocking bodies like that. Though one of my male writer friends does have pants like that.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Study in Scarlet, Crimson, and Ruby Woo!

I am a red lipstick junkie. I don't want to even count how many tubes I have of the stuff. I have it in so many finishes and color variations. Frost, matte, gloss. Ruby Woo, Crimson, Fresh Moroccan, Beet, Cross Wires. Let's not count or quantify; just love.
There's something about red lipstick. It's war paint. And fabulous. If you wear it with confidence, no one can knock you down. I love it. I wear it often and revel in my ruby smear. To the men that Cosmo (that most learned and hysterically funny magazine) interviewed that did not like red lipstick, I raise you a few icons that would never have been the same without a smear of scarlet.

One of my favorite tubes of lipstick is an eons old tube of Mary Kay. I got it on clearance from my Mom's pal that is a Mary Kay lady when they were switching out of the pink packaging years ago. It has that ridiculous iconic pale pink tube with the gold top with the rose. The color name is straight foward: Crimson. Nothing clever or witty. You know exactly what you're getting. It's a perfect 1950's red. When a guy friend of mine needed to borrow red for a drag scene in a show, it was what he wanted. (And rightly so. It looked ridiculously sassy on him!) I'm convinced Lucille Ball's red pout was the model. It's absolutely fabulous, and I dread the day I finish it off.

And to the men in that Cosmo interview: Not one of you can offer me what I find in a tube of red lipstick. And the lipstick will win every time. Diamonds aren't a girls best friend. Red lips are!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Working Girl

I booked it! I start Jan 31st in sunny Florida. I'm really just excited to be doing theatre again. And to have a steady paycheck for two months. And to go somewhere warm for those nasty winter months. Feb weather depresses me.
If my life were the rolling bars underneath the news, todays would read:
Courtney is on a domestic roll of late. Her apartment is clean and shiny. My freezer is full of spaghetti sauce and oatmeal cranberry white chocolate cookies (New recipe. Large batch)-Courtney has a ridiculous head cold that is trying to make her sound like smoked out Lotte Lenya.- Courtney's heat is finally on. Thank you condo board!- Courtney's roomie is back in Jersey.- All is well in the world. -Courtney has hot pink fingernails once again! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Supreme Curve?

So I submitted and somehow ended up on the short list for a job I knew I'd never get. It's the way of the world. Number one: I'm not really a fashion blogger. I've never thought people want to we my everyday outfits. Esp when it is blue leotard and skirt with black tights and t shirt. The next day the leotard could be red or even black! Then there is always green for those days if wild adventure....Yeah. I know I wouldn't want to read it. Number two: They asked for high fashion photos. Leaning more towards the edge of rock and roll. I have Laduca pictures from college. Headshots in kicker boots? Yeah. Not quite.
Let's just say they contacted me a few days before Christmas and I never heard from them again.So I can talk about it here!
Levi's makes pretty good jeans. I hate buying jeans, but I have a pretty trusty old pair of skinny Levis from back from before they we trendy enough that moms bought them. I dig them. I wear them a lot. Cause I have problems finding skinny jeans or jeans in general for short, Irish peasant thighs. Ideal for tilling fields and jumping like a dude, but not ideal for fashion. Especially not in the days of walking clothes hangers from Auschwitz.
So Levis has the new Curve ID system for fitting pants. The idea being that they will fit your bum and thighs perfectly if you have the right fit. Which is actually a pretty good idea in these days of figure hugging denim. My qualm with it is the names. I ended up as the curviest fit-supreme curve. For a dancer I am on the curvey side, but as far as normal people stands go, I am super trim. Supreme curve would seem to require more curve than I have, but there you go. It's a good thing Marilyn kicked it before women wore skinny jeans all the time, cause she would have no end of trouble trying to get a pair that fits if I am your curviest option.
Supremely survey or just physically fit? God only knows.

I'm not sure if it's better or worse to give pants fits arbitrary names, or to give them names that follow their fit. Maybe they should all be fabulous, amazing, kick ass, or whatever other adjectives the pants people could think of. We'd still find ways to be embarrassed about our bodies despite what they named our pants fits. It's a mental poison with every woman I know. If only we all liked our bodies....
Even though I could have used a pair of free and fabulously curvey Levis, I will not get them. Nor will I get a paycheck and make a little video for them (Reel!). But depending on how my month goes, it's semi annual sale time at Vicky's Secret. Mayhaps I could spare fifteen or twenty dollars for a pretty bra. Now that would be fabulous!
PS. I thought I published this the other night and didn't. 2 for 1 Tuesdays with my Laducas!

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Friday Nights Are Real Exciting

You do what you can and then hope. Singing, dancing, and reading for your life, then you move on for the wait. You never know what holes need to be filled. Everyone at the callbacks today had different strengths and different weaknesses. And we all want to go to Florida for the dreary month of February! Our swimsuits are ready to go!
Back home now. My exciting Friday night- cleaning, drinking a beer, and watching "Never So Few."
My favorite things about this movie:
1 Steve McQueen. One of my adolescent crushes. Fresh from "The Blob" and looking snazzy in uniform!
2 Charles Bronson needlessly beating people up in his undershirt. (How many movies did the costumer choose to put him in an under shirt instead of a full shirt? And he always beat people up while in his undershirt. )
3 Sinatra's goofy hat with a peacock feather in the band and his goat beard. He looks like he's in the circus, not in the army. Somehow, I'm just not feeling either one! The beard kills all drama and replaces it with giggles.
4 The insane amount of drinking that goes one. They aren't in a camp scene without multiple bottles. Drink first. Save the free world later.
5 The super melodramatic score.
6 Peter Lawford reading "Tom and Jerry" comics during dramatic foreshadowing. Yeah. He's a real he man.
7 Bad orange hair. And the thought that she would be in the red cross....yowsers!
I forgot how ridiculous this movie was. Maybe I should switch it out for one of Steve's better ones!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Today I had the luxury of an appointment. Which is a beautiful thing. Non union My Fair Lady. Or as I like to think of it, Cockney in South Florida for the rest of the winter. They sang me, danced me, and then had me belt. They want me come back tom. Woohoo! Hopefully there is some tavern wench/flower girling in my future. As my Aggie parents would say, "Squeeze!"
I always get my hopes up when I make it thru a singers call to the dancing. Especially if it's a very charactery show. I just have to keep reminding myself that if they kept me so far, it has more to do with what they need to round out their cast then with anything I did. And I did just go on a job interview where they wanted me to sing "I Could Have Danced All Night." Which is pretty awesome.
All things considered not a bad day. Even if I did run out of eggs for breakfast.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Musicman for Arena yesterday.I rocked the ballet combo and made it thru the first cut after my four hour wait to dance. Then I completely mucked up the jazz combo. Oh well. If it's up my alley, I can make the first few cuts. I just have to stop my ADHD min wanderings long enough to focus. I'm getting better and closer all the time. (Though I o miss dancing one combo and singing once. That was all I had to do to get hired at the smaller houses in Houston. Sometimes I even got roles that way!) The ballet combo was waltzing, something my Houston Ballet training really works for. If I could only waltz my way into jobs, I would be employed all the time! I should just add excellent schmaltzy waltzer to my resume.
Dinner at Au Bon Pain with Stacey. We discussed life and our whoopsies auditions for the day. She is working as an intern at Rattlesticks in addition to her five other jobs and classes. They do lots of new work, which she could rock. May this internship lead to better things! :)
The temperature has dropped. It is a brisk twenty degrees outside. No snow right now, but it is a possibility later on in the week. Which means I look like an eskimo. A very small, pale eskimo bundled up in an odd assortment of clothing and a pink and purple beret (more of my inheritance from my grandmother). Maybe I can bring out my other grandmother's beaver coat from the 60's. Anything to stay warm!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Still Doing My Nails Instead of My Laundry- Hurrah for 2012!

I hate going to the laundromat. I know I should deal, but it drives me crazy. I haul an insane amount of clothing (bulk is cheaper, dancers wear too many sets of clothing, and unlike my roomie, I must seperate my clothes. I fear my zebra print bra and panties loosing their va-va-voom!) Get fleeced by the quarter machine. Get fleeced by the washer. And then spend two hours or more watching court TV and folding my collection of clothing. It costs a ton, and nothing smells as fresh as when you have your in house machine or mat. Inevitably, I just do my nails at home instead. Procrastination!
As a kid and through most of my life, I have been a nail biter. It's become such a dirty secret to be a nail biter. Now I pick at them more than I chew on them. I keep polish on them religiously to prevent my neurotic futsing. My shoebox full of nail polish is a rainbow of colors and finishes. Let's just say I bought more than one of OPI's Shrek shades. And I have five different shades of green now. (I couldn't resist "It's Not Easy Being Green. It's like my childhood in one sparkly, green bottle.) The mini bottle sets of seasonal colors are like candy to me. Gotta catch em all! (With poor pronunciation!)
Lately I've tried some more soft, neutral, lady like colors. After I took my green off for Pan Am many moons ago (I paint my nails green because I think it's pretty, I reply), I saw that it had left my nails yellowish. Not solidly yellow or white, but an odd mish mash fusion/tie dye of both. Gross. I had nothing neutral or softly pink beyond clear topcoat. So I spent a day with ridiculous hair and yellowish nails. Enter my mother's monthly Beauty Brands trip. Do I want a mini bottle set of their neutral light pinks and almost whites? Why yes I did!
It's rather grown up of me. Well, compared to my smurf blue nails (which the ex boy toy got great entertainment out of. :p to him.). It stays easier and longer. Plus my weak and breakable nails seem to grow longer and stronger. But I will always feel a need for scarletts, hot pinks, purples, blues, and of course, my collection of greens. Even in the new year, I see no need to be that grown up. I'm going to let other people do the adult thing. Even if my nails aren't smurf blue or lime green. :-)
Tom the audition circuit starts right back up. Away we go into a brand new year!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Mr. President!

I am quite happy to see 2012 and quite exhausted from it's start. Three short days ago, I got up at 4 am to catch a flight back to Jersey. I slept on most of the flight and crashed out when I made it back in.
The next day, it took me over two hours to get through the Lincoln Tunnel. Then four hours of rehearsal for Chezzam and a four hour drive to Cooperstown for the gig. In the dark.
I always imagined Cooperstown as being much bigger than it was. I had to use my brights to go the five miles from our hotel to the venue. It's Norman Rockwell country. Thank Go it wasn't snowing. That would have inspired a Texas melt down from me.
The next day was slow until we got to the gig. Rehearsal, one of the best dinners I've had at a Chezzam gig, and then onto the party we went. Paparazzi (Smile Ms. Loy! Watching TCM was useful for making money), Ms. Monroe (Some Like It Hot knowledge was quite useful), our dance number (Hooray for Hollywood!), our dance number again (Come and meet those tired feet), and then onto the dance floor until the midnight fireworks. The guests watched the fireworks while we raided the leftover desserts and massaged our tired feet. Not a bad way to make some money and bring in 2012. Everything is better when done with rhinestones and sequins. (Though we were bummed that the hotel jacuzzi was locked and dark by the time we made it back)
The Chezzam ladies in Cooperstown. Our costumes are safety pinned and our bevels are fierce!

I drove back home today. I'm currently resting my feet and already in my pajamas. Here's to wishing everyone a fabulous 2012!
One of the guys thought our dressing room looked like the oval office-ish. Ensue impromptu photo shoot. Happy New Year Mr. President!