Friday, January 20, 2012

Jaunty Hats and Jazz Hands

I finally got seen somewhere. Hurrah. Extra work Wed. Thurs the call I was headed to closed early after I killed myself tget there. So I picked up my headshots and bought a wool coat on clearance. My old one just died and with snow on the way, I was replacing that sucker asap!
Today I went to the non union European West Side Story jet girls call. Or as I like to call it the white girl call. Made it thru the first cut but not the second. I danced all right, but you could see both a style and a body type in who he kept. And it was pretty skinny among other things. Besides the fact that even at my most fierce, I still yearn to be a goofy idiot. Why take yourself seriously? It's only gangs, love, rape, racism, and death. As much crap as I've given the show, I still really love it. Good luck to those who got kept. Stay cool! (Bad joke. I just couldn't resist)
Excitingly, I had a fellow dancer introduce herself today and tell me she read my blog. Which is really awesome. Shout out to Heather! She was super sweet. Which means she told me I was funny. Score one for my ego. :-) Maybe I can Diablo Cody or Julie Powell my way out of being poor in my twenties! But alas, an auditioning nerdy bitch is not as interesting as a nerdy bitch becoming a stripper or a nerdy bitch trying to cook her way through Julia Child's legacy. I'm just job hunting and odd jobbing. No fluorescent thongs or aspics to write about. Just laducas and showtunes.
Woo! I'm not adjusted back to morning auditions, and I am tired. I have become smarter about other things in audition land. I signed in and left to get a real breakfast. Mmmm. Oatmeal and coffee. :-)
So my Friday night is uninteresting once more. Screwdriver at my side (made with ginger vodka. Yum!) I am watching Great Performances in my jammies. Italian opera makes me giggle. When a character is where they shouldn't be and they are warned to be quiet, they will always continue to sing. Often getting louder and adding runs. Passion at the wrong times and the longest death scenes in fabulous costumes. Opera at it's best! As this is about Anne Boleyn (whose hats I want. Cute stuff) I assume there will be one doozy of a death scene. Her head will roll! (And I will steal her hats)
There is something Twilight esque about this. New twists on Anne?

And this face is priceless. Oh true opera love!

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  1. Yay! I made the blog! Which means my Laducas and I might get to be in the movie version, too!
    Great to meet you yesterday! You're as friendly and charming in person as you are in your blog. I kind of anticipated that, though, knowing you're a fellow Texan! Congrats on making it through the first cut! See you soon!