Monday, January 16, 2012

Resting up on a Holiday...with Hot Toddies

It's frigid! Being the theatrical version of Snowbird is going to be fabulous. Blessed warmth!
This week is going to be a doozy. Lots of auditions to try and be seen at. Finally booked a little extra work. Powerade commercial on Wed that pays well. Hopefully the new pics will help me book even more before I head South. Woo! Let's do it.
The one good thing about the cold-hot toddies! No wonder I always get typed into old school England. :-)
Oddly enough, lots of theatre nonsense took today off. When we do get a holiday off, it's never the one you expect. But you take it and enjoy it. With hot toddies.
Still working on fixing everything up. (Check out the link to your left for my professional site to see what I've done so far. Some new videos including Bananaphone!, new pics, and new color scheme.) While working on my dance reel, YouTube decided to replace my old school jazz selection with accordion music. It's a crap shoot on which song you will get. Even YouTube knows I'm ridiculous. See which one you get. With a hot toddy.(Or a good German brewskie if you get the accordion fun!)

I also found a 24 hr film I was in in college. Yeah. It's classy, and I am by far the far classiest (and shrillest) thing about it. This is not going on the old website at all, but I'll share the laugh here. And yes. That is me singing "Staying Alive" after I return to the shot glasses in the kitchen. That bad attempt at the BeeGees sound could only be me! Enjoy with a hot toddy!

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