Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Study in Scarlet, Crimson, and Ruby Woo!

I am a red lipstick junkie. I don't want to even count how many tubes I have of the stuff. I have it in so many finishes and color variations. Frost, matte, gloss. Ruby Woo, Crimson, Fresh Moroccan, Beet, Cross Wires. Let's not count or quantify; just love.
There's something about red lipstick. It's war paint. And fabulous. If you wear it with confidence, no one can knock you down. I love it. I wear it often and revel in my ruby smear. To the men that Cosmo (that most learned and hysterically funny magazine) interviewed that did not like red lipstick, I raise you a few icons that would never have been the same without a smear of scarlet.

One of my favorite tubes of lipstick is an eons old tube of Mary Kay. I got it on clearance from my Mom's pal that is a Mary Kay lady when they were switching out of the pink packaging years ago. It has that ridiculous iconic pale pink tube with the gold top with the rose. The color name is straight foward: Crimson. Nothing clever or witty. You know exactly what you're getting. It's a perfect 1950's red. When a guy friend of mine needed to borrow red for a drag scene in a show, it was what he wanted. (And rightly so. It looked ridiculously sassy on him!) I'm convinced Lucille Ball's red pout was the model. It's absolutely fabulous, and I dread the day I finish it off.

And to the men in that Cosmo interview: Not one of you can offer me what I find in a tube of red lipstick. And the lipstick will win every time. Diamonds aren't a girls best friend. Red lips are!

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