Monday, January 30, 2012

G'night Moon!

I've arrived in Florida, which is much warmer than Jersey. Hurrah! Skirts and sundresses are ready to be worn!
Our cast house is entertainingly decorated. It's an odd mix of beachee and random stuff, some of which is stapled into the wall crookedly. The flip flops in the bathroom happen to be nailed into the wall. Plus there are still Christmas decorations. Odd mix of beach, granny, and frat.
There are five of us here, and the men's house has four more cast members. The rest of the cast is local. First day of rehearsal is done.
After rehearsal activities included: swimming in a nearby pool very briefly (It was cold), beer run in one of our cast mini vans (to the Mexican market. Goya anyone?), and an epic game of Apples to Apples (which I lost miserably). I'm a tired puppy, after sight reading tons of harmonies, many of which are surprisingly bizarre. And from turning cartwheels. G'night moon! (And same to the spoon)

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