Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Friday-Friday-Friday-Oh!

The days go by full of rehearsal. 10 to 6 with lots of of dancing and singing. Working on my cockney (thank you Lilly Allen and Kate Nash) and kicking myself in the face whenever possible. Yesterday we tried on our costumes during rehearslas. Especially in my multiple maid outfits (ma and son Higgins put their maids in different outfits).
We're putting on a show. The days are fairly uneventful on one side but full of fun and new friends on the other. Lots of lifts, high kicks, and cockney skirt swishing. I bought knee pads in an attempt to save my knees from excessive bruising. Hot tub antics at the gym in the evenings and coffee in the mornings. Our Friday isn't the start of our weekend but it's our hump day.
Tom- Another long day of glottal stops and country dancing. We'll have to wait for Thurs for that blessed day off.
What I think I look like playing in Jacuzzi foam...

What I actually look like....

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