Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bette Davis Eyes

I almost always have shadows under my eyes. And then mascara, liner, shadow, and such residue. Not matter what I buy, they emphasize those shadows. I wish I could pull them off with off with glamour like Marion Cotillard does. Instead, I have Bette Davis eyes. Not quite so glamourous. Much more psychotic. (My post wig hair frizzy and cowlicky, not quite curls are also not helping.)
One of the locals in the show has remarked on it several times. In Gypsy, my June got likened to Baby Jane by more than one audience member. At least I like Bette. But she's not always an easy one to live with. Neither am I.
The show continues well. Minor injuries here and there, and a cast full of stellar troopers. Standing Os from every performance. Old people love us. My cartwheels and cooter slamming splits are in great shape. And our costumes smell beyond lovely. Another double tom, then two days off. Unfortunately, the weather does not look promising for any beach fun. Boo!

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