Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day Off!

Today is our first day off in nine days. Plans currently include being lazy, sleeping, and possibly shopping. Sounds good to me.
As we get closer to opening next week, more and more of the show is coming together. Shawls, petticoats, and granny boots are going to be my reducing diet for tour audition season. Sweat my thighs off! (Nice thought in theory, but in reality I won't trim down that much at all. Oh well.)
There's not really anything exciting going on. I split the sole of my boots yesterday. They are headed to the cobblers for repairs. We keep baking cookies in the girls house. And I'm not sure why I'm writing any of this down. Hopefully it entertains my father as he sits and waits in airports.
Trey McIntyre is coming to Coral Springs while I'm here. Hopefully I can find a class with him or a company member somewhere. They are amazing and superchill. If you're in Houston, Houston Ballet is doing his staging of Peter Pan next year. It's awesome. Get tickets. (Peter is extensive man candy flying through the Wortham. Even if the choreo wasn't as amazing as it is, their man candy is fabulous!)
Check it out! I love how fluffy Sara Webb is in this!
Their entire season is chock full of half naked man candy-La Bayadere, Clear, the Rite of Spring, some shirtless action in Butterfly. I approve! In the old days, I would take mygrammy down to the green room when she could still come to the ballet. As her mind started going, I was afraid she was going to do more than just look at the man candy. Their 2012 season would have been bad news for teenage me. Hold onto her hands....or else!
This shot is from Clear. One fo the many nudy ballets Stanton Welch has made. :-)


  1. I'm so stoked about next season yet sad that I probably won't be here to see it. *le sigh* I love Madame Butterfly and Peter Pan!

    1. Got the Houston Ballet Season flyer today. Nice photos in it! I might share...