Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Speedos, Maids, and Hearing Aids

So I beached it instead of the bakery. Got sand in my shorts, borrowed a big floppy hat, and remained as pale as I was before. Best part of our beaching. A gaggle of young men comes by. 15 of them heading down to the beach. When they ran en masse into the water to frolic about, they were all wearing speeds. Later they had chicken fights. I got out my camera zoom and took pictures. I will post the best once I get the piece to hook my camera up. I actually brought my camera. Goofy maid pictures are coming soon!
I get too much joy out of my caps and aprons.Something about maids and snotty rich people makes me laugh. I just misbehave in general. I want to be a Moliere maid. Like Jeeves, she fixes problems and gets the dumb rich people to do the right thing. Shaw maids are just there. And I am also imagining spitting in Mrs. Einsford-Hill's tea. Teach her to ask for two sugar cubes!
We're getting close to opening. This week has had it's share of long days and a blessed few fuses blown. One more ten hour day, a run to spare, and then an audience full of old people. Welcome to cockneyland! May your hearing aids assist you in your understanding of Shaw. Or if Shawee was being difficult, just ignore the words and look at the pretty paintings and cartwheels.
It's all coming togther quite quickly. It's not at all what I expected, but it will work very well for the buses of seniors that keep the Stage Door up and trucking.
"Look at all then young things, Vern. They sure can hop around."
"Whats that Loretta?"
"I reckon so. It's just like Broadway."
Playing to your audience is always a good idea. And having fun doing absurd things is an even better idea.

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