Monday, February 13, 2012

Is That Producer Proof?

In college, we had a fabulous technical director. Curt was amazing, sweet, even headed, funny, and he could make what needed to happen happen. As he told us "There is no magic in the theatre. I just build shit." But he built it well and safely. Quite often, his sets were the most gorgeous sets of the season. He would "actor proof" them. His theory being that you loose huge amounts of common sense and safety sense when in actor mode. Which is quite often true.
I miss Curt down here in non union FL. No one bothered to actor proof our set. The back platform is only a few feet wide with no railing on the back. Just a nice long drop. And one of the producers fell down it yesterday morning before we arrived. Whoops.
While some union rules are very stringent and unnecessary when it comes to building sets, others are so practical. A set should not just be a work of art. It should also be designed for practical use and safety. In this case someone got hurt. Hopefully he has workman's comp through the company cause we performers don't. General consensus in cast housing: better him than us. Maybe they will be safer in the future. If wishes were fishes...
On a cheerier note, we celebrated the eve of our last day off before opening with taco Sunday. We watched the Grammys, ate enough guac for a whole village, had margarita out of bowl, and went to bed content and full. Here's to many taco Sundays to come!
Today's dilemma: beach or bakery. Perhaps both.... :-)
One of Curt's best moments and one of my pinkest moments. The spiral staircase that graced this set was stunning. And had a railing I could desperately cling to. Curt can come work on my manor when I marry my rich man or suddenly become classier Diablo Cody. (Though she is as pale as I am) Funny enough, I was living with the "purple cloud" as she called herself at the time. We drank lots of tea together! All my love, Leta darling!

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