Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Whitest Girl I Know

Things are settling in quite nicely. Our audiences are full and lively for their advanced age. Plus they are their feet every time for a standing o. The old people are spoiling us!
Our schedule is a little weird, but in a good way. One matinee Wed and a double Thurs mean that we get Mon and Tues off. Which is fabulous. I find myself confused by my wide open Friday right now. Especially after the hell week we had. My feet fit in my granny boots again now that they aren't beyond swollen.
I don't have to be anywhere until 730 tonite. Which is lovely. So I put on my hat and sun hiding clothes and walked to a nearby French bakery. I'm sitting outside by a fountain underneath an umbrella. A taste cup of Joe and a super yummy chocolate covered elephant's ear have made me one happy girl. And the whitest girl in Florida. Who keeps freckling in the sunshine. Despite the SPF 75 baby sunblock.
Rosie is suspicious of these tan Floridians. Where are their excessive freckles?

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