Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My First In-N-Out Or An Ode To Whataburger (For Kerry)

So today was tech day one. As is true with most techs, you want to eat your feelings afterwards. Which we did Cali style with an In-N-Out visit. As an In-N-Out newbie, I was curious as to what all the fuss was about. It was pretty good, but I'd still prefer some late night Whataburger (no hyphens needed). Onion rings and Texas pride y'all! Plus it's open all night. Some vintage Whataburger Christmas love. This whole post is dedicated to my lovely gal Kerry, the biggest Whataburger lover I know. :-*

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas ABAD Style

When I'm out on a job, I have a harder time writing here. I have to be more politic, plus I don't have crazy NY audition happenings to report. But every once in a while something goofy happens that is totally worth writing about. Yesterday I was spending my day off at a nearby shopping center, rummaging for deals at Marshall's and giggling at the little old ladies in Stein Mart, I heard a blast from the past. As a kid, I never hardcore Nutcrackered. We did a little short one every other year that went to nursing homes. I always preferred what we did on the off years-cheesy Santa suits, guantlets, heels, and bad big band covers of Christmas songs. My favorite year was Gloria Estefan cover of "Let It Snow." Perfect cheesy music and some classic Barbie flex hands via Amy Blake. It should have been obvious at that point I would end up in theatre. I resisted the urge to tip through Marshall's, bought another French Connection top (I look like an Apache escapee on a regular basis due to this addiction), and smiled all the way home. Good day off and great memories! We took most these in August by the highway. We got some awesome looks! (And check out my vintage Marilyn Monroe pose. And the awkward candid!)

Monday, November 19, 2012

A History Of Taco Sunday

Down at Broward, we had some awesome cast housing hangouts. One of my favs was taco Sunday. Reasons why: 1. Regan's face as he mixed a giant bowl of gauc by hand (It's more fun that way). 2. Margarita in a bowl. My solution to not having a pitcher brought about instant classiness. 3. The random sombrero in cast housing. 4. General awesomeness. Diana had brought taco Sunday with her from another cast, so this week, I paid it forward in Folsom. Taco Sunday was a success even without the sombrero. Plus the hot tub helps!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Because You're Mine I Drink Some Wine

(Please sing the title of this entry to the tune of "Walk the Line") Two days of rehearsal down and out in California. Plus adventures in what street tappers look like clogging. I'm in the ensemble and covering June Carter, so the days and the brain are full. The work is fun, the digs are great, and the company is fabulous. The California weather has been particularly enjoyable after switching between NJ and TX. Wool coats and scarves or t shirts and flip flops? Here it's a comfortable in between. Now I'm heading back to my lovely glass of pinot, some amazing Irish cheddar (we have best cows and therefore the best cheese), and ratatouille with the ladies!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jersey Pride

Sometimes you have revelations at the oddest moments. I had one this morning. Watching the post election blow up on Facebook, I was witnessing all extremes (and several amusing statements about a Dorito shortage in CO). I'm not a fan of politics. I'm private about who and what I vote for. I don't want to discuss (which almost always means yell my viewpoint in your face while wildly gesturing and reminding myself that my opinion is both better and smarter). In fact, I sometimes adopt my cousin in law's strategy of leaving a room. Though I have yet to take a walk to avoid the closed eared "debating" from all sides. As I read from the hopeful to the downright angry, I found one aquantiance who had ranted about Obama being no better than Bush in the post hurricane visiting cause he hadn't gone to NY post Sandy. I was surprised to find myself offended because most of the storm damage was in NJ. (Which Obama did visit). I wanted to stand up for Jersey (still didn't care about the politics). So here I am. I am a New Jersey resident. My license plates are a nasty urine colored yellow. My car is covered in sap most of the year due to our "garden" state-ness. We make the best cheap greasy pizza and giant kosher muffins. And we got to be Gotham City instead of New York City this last Batman film (well, for most of it). I really like my adoptive state (but I will still occasionally wear the "Screw you I'm from TX" shirt my dad bought me). I've become a Jersey girl, and I'm proud of it! (Everyone who reads this that's a New Yorker will hang their heads in dismay. :p That's my response!)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nutz and Boltz

Car shuffling fun- the trek from NJ to TX is a haul. On day two, we hit an adventure in TN. The best type of flat tire the middle of nowhere flat. Luckily there was a gas station in addition to a large green adult Superstore (the only two buildings in sight). Put on the donut, then raced back towards Knoxville. We barely beat the garage's closing time. We entertained the mechanics with my Jersey plates, and they fifted me the culprit. It wasn't a nail- it was a big industrial bolt. Which is nuts.
We're crashing tonite at a naval air base in MS. The scotch I brought along in myflask is helping the flat tire fun leave our bodies. Tom we get up early and hit Houston!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vegan Muffins and a Telethon?

Sandy left a mess behind her. The repair and clean up crews have done an amazing amount of work in very little time, but there is still so much left to do. I have friends both in and out of the city still without power. Yet New York City soldiers on. All of the workaholics seem to congregate here. Hence storm damage is no obstacle. Instead, I'll walk two hours to where I need to be. The city is picking itself up by it's bootstraps in the weirdest way possible:by pretending nothing is wrong. I'm used to Hurricanes and their destruction. Tropical Storm Allison taught me long ago that the cat of a hurricane can often mean nothing. Houstonians asses the situation, head back in, and clean it up as best they can. The city kids respond differently. Theywalk miles to go the gym, a coffee shop, or work. Like the whole thing never happened and this is just another subway delay, not a complete shutdown south of 34th St. New York City and it's people don't know how to stand back and wait. They have to take action. Generally vegan muffin and soy fair trade latter action. As I'm often reminded by the wealthy here, money doesn't buy common sense.
I tried to get to work today. NJT is running buses again. Delays are nuts and buses are overcrowded. After a forty minute wait in the cold, I gave up and headed back home. God only knows how long it would have taken me to get home after work. I've been cleaning and packing my apartment up for my subletter. I feel like a rat escaping the Titanic on a lifeboat headed to Sacramento. Blame the Catholic guilt of old for my guilt at leaving when everything is a mess. CASH has been downgraded from a production to a workshop, but it doesn't change my contract in any negative ways. Especially right now, I feel blessed to have somewhere to go and work for a regulated salary. I'm trying to head south tom with my car. Let's see if I can get it back to TX, and then hit a few post storm auditions here before I escape to CA. (This post is my one mopey and honest post about Sandy. I don't believe in wallowing and will be back to cracking jokes next time I post.) Now the important question: who else thought of Jack's telethon stunt on 30 Rock when NBC announced their telethon for Sandy?