Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jersey Pride

Sometimes you have revelations at the oddest moments. I had one this morning. Watching the post election blow up on Facebook, I was witnessing all extremes (and several amusing statements about a Dorito shortage in CO). I'm not a fan of politics. I'm private about who and what I vote for. I don't want to discuss (which almost always means yell my viewpoint in your face while wildly gesturing and reminding myself that my opinion is both better and smarter). In fact, I sometimes adopt my cousin in law's strategy of leaving a room. Though I have yet to take a walk to avoid the closed eared "debating" from all sides. As I read from the hopeful to the downright angry, I found one aquantiance who had ranted about Obama being no better than Bush in the post hurricane visiting cause he hadn't gone to NY post Sandy. I was surprised to find myself offended because most of the storm damage was in NJ. (Which Obama did visit). I wanted to stand up for Jersey (still didn't care about the politics). So here I am. I am a New Jersey resident. My license plates are a nasty urine colored yellow. My car is covered in sap most of the year due to our "garden" state-ness. We make the best cheap greasy pizza and giant kosher muffins. And we got to be Gotham City instead of New York City this last Batman film (well, for most of it). I really like my adoptive state (but I will still occasionally wear the "Screw you I'm from TX" shirt my dad bought me). I've become a Jersey girl, and I'm proud of it! (Everyone who reads this that's a New Yorker will hang their heads in dismay. :p That's my response!)

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