Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas ABAD Style

When I'm out on a job, I have a harder time writing here. I have to be more politic, plus I don't have crazy NY audition happenings to report. But every once in a while something goofy happens that is totally worth writing about. Yesterday I was spending my day off at a nearby shopping center, rummaging for deals at Marshall's and giggling at the little old ladies in Stein Mart, I heard a blast from the past. As a kid, I never hardcore Nutcrackered. We did a little short one every other year that went to nursing homes. I always preferred what we did on the off years-cheesy Santa suits, guantlets, heels, and bad big band covers of Christmas songs. My favorite year was Gloria Estefan cover of "Let It Snow." Perfect cheesy music and some classic Barbie flex hands via Amy Blake. It should have been obvious at that point I would end up in theatre. I resisted the urge to tip through Marshall's, bought another French Connection top (I look like an Apache escapee on a regular basis due to this addiction), and smiled all the way home. Good day off and great memories! We took most these in August by the highway. We got some awesome looks! (And check out my vintage Marilyn Monroe pose. And the awkward candid!)

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