Saturday, February 4, 2012

So You Think You Can Cockney?

In the interest of time and an aged audience (they fall asleep very quick after getting off the bus from the senior center), our production team has cut verses, lines, and dance breaks all over the show. They want it to be tight. Yeah.o when we started on "Get Me To The Church" today, I was astonished when we kept the full dance break. Then we started working on it, and I was even more astonished. Trick after trick after trick occurs. I've cartwheeled, splitted, andeen thrown in one hour than I have ever have been. It's not ballet partnering. That I have down pat. It's gymanistic tricks. I turn cartwheels all over the place and then turn more cartwheels in a string with partner. All in five millions layers. Holy shit. (May my dead grandmother excuse my French. She would if she could).
Chatting with one of the locals, I figured it out. Apparently our choreographer works for So You Think You Can Dance (the Canadian version). This definitely leaks over into his "My Fair Lady." If anything, our audience will be amazed by the young people's antics. And we will continue to use the gym only for the Jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room. We already had our workout. :-)
"My Fair Lady" is currently playing on TCM. Guess what we've been watching. Hahaha.
She is a secret Cockney...

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