Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dresses, Submissions, and King Cakes

The weekend passes quickly when you have double of a lovely but very long war horse. Yesterday and today are my first two days off in a row. Rejoicing and lots of sleeping. And shopping!
I bought a new pair of sneaks cheap. I needed them. Not very exciting. But Diana (our fabulously tall drink of Eliza Doolittle) and I were at the Mills outlet mall a little ways from us. It was a little small for a mills mall, and a lot of the stores were tiny. But they have a little tiny Betsy Johnson outlet crammed full of fabulous dresses. On sale. I'm a sucker for a pretty printed dress. A cute red silk dress with a blue floral print, tiny matching cloth buttons down the front, and a forties play on mutton sleeves that then get snug around the wrist, seemed to be calling my name. It was super cute and fit perfectly. I felt and looked like Claudette Colbert. And it has pockets.
It was in my typical audition dress budget, so I came home with my hot pink Betsy Johnson bag and yet another Retro dress. But that dress and I will work in New York. Also in Florida. Though I will stick amongst the flip flops and cut offs, I will work that dress. In my mind, I'm totally in the Palm Beach Story. Now to find me a sweet million are on vacay.....
A couple girls on this gig got the job through video submissions. They are fabulous and quite deserve their spots in Cockneyland. I've been emailing and sending things to lots of companies. How nice would it be to have a job when I get back? We shall see. For now, I'm learning lots about large files and creative swearing when I muck things up. If only technology was more Courtney proof....
I'm of to search for a King Cake. My family was always in and out of a lot of the Catholic eating things in spring, but we always stuck to Mardi Gras. Religiously. My mom would always try to do no meat. I would grumble at my peanut butter sandwiches (I wanted chicken) and then she would buy fish later on in Lent. My dad and brothers aren't big fish fans, whereas my mom and I love it and didn't get it very often. My dad would grumble, buy himself and the boys steaks, and quite often, that would be the end of our peanut butter Fridays.
Hoping you all have fabulous and fun Fat Tuesdays! It's party time! :-)

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  1. I enjoy reading ur blog. ur fun in print AND in real life. lol.