Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Could Have Snorted All Night. Oh Wait. I Did.

We opened last night. It came together quite nicely at the last minute push. There are still tech problems but not bad. The old folks keep giving us standing ovations. Or maybe they're just already getting up because it's time for another bathroom break. God only knows.
Best opening night decision ever- my cockney character (Rosie patron saint of the vegetabke cart) became a snorter. Which made the crowd scenes fun. And super classy. Wiped me nose on my sleeve and I was ready for a cotillion!
It's been so long since I've done a golden age legit singing show. I have to take much better care of my voice and allergies. A little bit of stuffy nosed mouth breathing thru the night rasp sounded great in JCS. It actually sounded better and hardcore. Here, not so much. The Alto lines are weird and need to be mixed to tune. Keep it smooth baby.
Brush up rehearsal and a double today. I'm on my break before the evening show. I needed a change of scenery so I hauled myself to the Starbucks a few blocks away. Things that are different at Starbucks in FL compared to my NY haunts include
1. Palm trees
2. Lots of old people
3. Dress code-my pumps, black jersey top, and skinny jeans look super chic and dressy. As does my scarf tied around my pin curls. I should have worn a t shirt, board shirts, and flip flops. Cringe.
4. There are no other gypsies on break hiding their pin curls
5. Outdoor seating
6. Sleeveless tops in Feb.
7. Mosquitos. I hate them.
It's back to the Stage Door to go snort and sweat some more. I forget the joy of petticoat period shows. And the smell.

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