Monday, January 2, 2012

Still Doing My Nails Instead of My Laundry- Hurrah for 2012!

I hate going to the laundromat. I know I should deal, but it drives me crazy. I haul an insane amount of clothing (bulk is cheaper, dancers wear too many sets of clothing, and unlike my roomie, I must seperate my clothes. I fear my zebra print bra and panties loosing their va-va-voom!) Get fleeced by the quarter machine. Get fleeced by the washer. And then spend two hours or more watching court TV and folding my collection of clothing. It costs a ton, and nothing smells as fresh as when you have your in house machine or mat. Inevitably, I just do my nails at home instead. Procrastination!
As a kid and through most of my life, I have been a nail biter. It's become such a dirty secret to be a nail biter. Now I pick at them more than I chew on them. I keep polish on them religiously to prevent my neurotic futsing. My shoebox full of nail polish is a rainbow of colors and finishes. Let's just say I bought more than one of OPI's Shrek shades. And I have five different shades of green now. (I couldn't resist "It's Not Easy Being Green. It's like my childhood in one sparkly, green bottle.) The mini bottle sets of seasonal colors are like candy to me. Gotta catch em all! (With poor pronunciation!)
Lately I've tried some more soft, neutral, lady like colors. After I took my green off for Pan Am many moons ago (I paint my nails green because I think it's pretty, I reply), I saw that it had left my nails yellowish. Not solidly yellow or white, but an odd mish mash fusion/tie dye of both. Gross. I had nothing neutral or softly pink beyond clear topcoat. So I spent a day with ridiculous hair and yellowish nails. Enter my mother's monthly Beauty Brands trip. Do I want a mini bottle set of their neutral light pinks and almost whites? Why yes I did!
It's rather grown up of me. Well, compared to my smurf blue nails (which the ex boy toy got great entertainment out of. :p to him.). It stays easier and longer. Plus my weak and breakable nails seem to grow longer and stronger. But I will always feel a need for scarletts, hot pinks, purples, blues, and of course, my collection of greens. Even in the new year, I see no need to be that grown up. I'm going to let other people do the adult thing. Even if my nails aren't smurf blue or lime green. :-)
Tom the audition circuit starts right back up. Away we go into a brand new year!

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