Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Mr. President!

I am quite happy to see 2012 and quite exhausted from it's start. Three short days ago, I got up at 4 am to catch a flight back to Jersey. I slept on most of the flight and crashed out when I made it back in.
The next day, it took me over two hours to get through the Lincoln Tunnel. Then four hours of rehearsal for Chezzam and a four hour drive to Cooperstown for the gig. In the dark.
I always imagined Cooperstown as being much bigger than it was. I had to use my brights to go the five miles from our hotel to the venue. It's Norman Rockwell country. Thank Go it wasn't snowing. That would have inspired a Texas melt down from me.
The next day was slow until we got to the gig. Rehearsal, one of the best dinners I've had at a Chezzam gig, and then onto the party we went. Paparazzi (Smile Ms. Loy! Watching TCM was useful for making money), Ms. Monroe (Some Like It Hot knowledge was quite useful), our dance number (Hooray for Hollywood!), our dance number again (Come and meet those tired feet), and then onto the dance floor until the midnight fireworks. The guests watched the fireworks while we raided the leftover desserts and massaged our tired feet. Not a bad way to make some money and bring in 2012. Everything is better when done with rhinestones and sequins. (Though we were bummed that the hotel jacuzzi was locked and dark by the time we made it back)
The Chezzam ladies in Cooperstown. Our costumes are safety pinned and our bevels are fierce!

I drove back home today. I'm currently resting my feet and already in my pajamas. Here's to wishing everyone a fabulous 2012!
One of the guys thought our dressing room looked like the oval office-ish. Ensue impromptu photo shoot. Happy New Year Mr. President!

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