Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Shoes

Merry Christmas to all!
My family always does Christmas Eve dinner at their house. At times we've had as many as 30 or more come over for the epic spread. It's potluck-esque with everybody bringing a dish but still a ton of work. It makes me feel very grateful to all my aunts and uncles who are willing to host other holidays. Not only do they do it with pizazz, they also do it with joy. I do it with wine. And then lots of coffee to get me back and up running to go to Mass.
It's been a rainy Christmas in Tejas. The weather has been akin to what it would have been if I had stayed home. Which is pretty crazy. Newark and Houston do not often have matching weather. It's a Christmas miracle.
Went ahead with some haircutting. Short bob. As always, I fret about it and then love it shorter. I'm rocking some old plaid pumps. They don't clash too much with my beloved blue jerssey dress. They were probably my first peep toes. The buttons look pretty dated, but overall not bad for old shoes.
I'm debating rocking them with my beret and my grandmother's wool penguin coat (or as I like to call it, my inheritance. Pics of it to come later. Or just find me wearing it in NY) to mass tonight. Classiness. No matter what I do, I will be way over dressed. Why not also be ecentric? What can I say? I enjoy being fabulous!
The infamous plaid shoes. It's Christmas and I'm Scottish. And yes. My foot is beveled! :-)

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