Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Oreos!

Best follow up to a dentist visits: Christmas oreos with red fillings (and fun graphics!) and a cup of coffee. I get classy points.
Returning to Houston, I am finding the following to be true:
1. I don't like driving everywhere. Everything is spread out way too much.
2. It's hot.
3. In suburbia, it's OK to wear sweatpants out if they are velour and fitted. I disagree and look way over styled.
4. The skinny jean invasion has not wreaked as much havoc here. (I write as wear mine) This could be due to many woman realizing they are unflattering on their bodies or just due to plain stubborness. Don't take away my boot cut!
My parents huge Christmas junkies, and even through the significant rough seas they've had to deal with recently, they have turned their home into a Christmas winter wonderland. Lights, garlands, bows, and a tree for every room. Christmas is serious business for the Chilton clan. :-)
We had a birthday dinner for my granddad yesterday. He was in much better spirits than I though he would be. I got him to watch White Christmas with me. Red velvet cake and turkey pie for dinner. Yum! Not bad for an 89 year old widowerer. Grandma was there in spirit chastising my arrangement of candles on the cake and making sure everything was perfect for her number one man.
More laustable objects from window shopping with Jeffrey. Ralph Lauren flapper party. Christmas fantasies. I would totaly spill red wine all over this dress that would pay my rent for several months. :-)

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