Monday, December 19, 2011

Fierce Shoes and Christmas Visits

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat. Which means New York is overcrowded with tourists looking for "the Tree" and going to see the Adams Family.
It also meant that people are glammed up for holiday parties. And very rarely, does money come with taste. In honor of the tasteless rich women in the tri state area, I now post shoes that I could rock. Instead, I will wear my grandmother's schwanky green satin pumps from the 60's. And possibly her beaver coat too, but since I am going to visit family in Texas, you don't really wear more than a sweater in that heat.
But if I had tons of money to blow, and I wasn't making DIY Christmas gifts (though I made some really good ones), I would totally buy these (on sale for 569 dollars! Hahahaha) and rock them at the five million holiday parties I go to (or work at.) (I could also retitle my blog "have Louboutins. Am Fierce.)

Reality is different. Packing a bag to go to Houston. Clothes for Christmas mass. I am bringing a pair of fierce shoes home to perk up my senile Grandmother. She was a shoe woman in her day, and she can no longer wear them or remember what day it is, but she still appreciates her some fierce shoes.
Especially if they're green.

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