Thursday, December 22, 2011

Late Night Laduca Musings

Laduca shoes are the industry standard right now. Softer than Capezios with an option of seude or hard soles, a variety of different strappy designs, and different heel heights (the higher the better!). Chorines, leading ladies, and chorus boys all happily trot around the country with their trusty Laducas. I have two pairs I scrimped and saved for, and after dancing in them for a few years, (prepare for blasphemy) I don't think I will buy new ones (Though they do have a fabulous one day a year sale...)
I love the leather they are made of. Soft, buttery Italian leather encasing your tired tootsies. It's not all that sturdy when it ones to the abuse dancers put their shoes through. (Though it does smell heavenly. The scent of new and fabulous leather just makes you feel expensive and luxurious.) The black shoes can be polished and rebirthed, but the tan ones start to look like pretty ratty. My old Capezio war horses stood up much better. Plus, you could run over those things with a tank.
The heel is funny. It flares too much at the base and somehow manages to feel wobbly. I have mine braced due to my feer of heel snappage. A snapped high heel is serious in this business. These aren't just high heels. It's showgirl war!

A pink pair of Laducas! See what I mean about the heels.
So what does a girl do? For now I'm waiting for their one day sale. Maybe a smaller price tag would endear me more to them. Or if I picked up a really pretty pair in a fun color (once again at the sale). Do I defect back to Bloch? I loved my Blochs. They pointed beautifully and fit my square toes to a tee! Whatever I do, I will still be writing those shoes off as a business expense. Tools of the trade!
Hey Phil. Design me a pair and you might win back my loyalty! Hahahaha.This pair from Contact was pretty glam... :-)

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