Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More Money Than Sense

Atlantic City is not a spot of glamour and fun. It might have been in it's heyday, but all that remains is the deceptive glitz of the casinos and some really impoverished neighborhoods around it. Not a boardwalk empire anymore.
The gig went all right. Costumes didn't work with the choreo. I lost my big plastic Indonesian hat three times in the fan dance, but all of the diners were eating and not watching us. It was a fairly sedate middle aged crowd with a penchant for kitten heels. (Yuck) For an expensive benefit, most of the ladies shoes would have worn perfectly at my junior high school Valentine's dance. You can have money, but it doesn't mean you have taste. (or sense. They could have hired real Balinese dancers, but they wanted us!)
We were all slightly panicked when we saw at least a third of the guests were real Asians (unlike us), but they all turned to be quite nice and chill. We crashed out in our hotel and headed back home the next morning. Not the worst way to earn some money.
I worked background on Smash yesterday. It's supposed to air after the Superbowl. Between inefficency, poor writing, and casting American Idolers where they ought not be, I don't think the show will have much of a run. (Like the party: more money than sense) Hopefully the prove me wrong. (Craft services and catering were awesome! If only the could share that through the TV.)
It's raining and I need to do laundry. Blegh. I might be rocking some Muppets over my headphones at the laundry mat. It's the only way I'm getting any kind of motivation!

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