Friday, December 9, 2011

Brilliant Ideas and Little People

Bret and Jermaine need to write a musical. Look who's writing on Broadway right now- pop and rock all over the place. They already have an apt sense of theatre, a unique voice, and an ability to turn the most mundane moment into a funny and momentous catchy song. Bret just wrote the songs for the Muppet Movie (which were brilliant. Who doesn't have me parties?). Plus, you left the theatre singing his songs. There were catchy, funny, and just plain singable. Something missing from a lot of musical comedies being written in this day and age (Catch me If you zzzzz...). There are talks about Flight of the Conchords movie, which would be sweet, but they need to write a musical. They seem a more sane choice to me than Bono or Regina Spektor (though I do love me some Regina). Plus, they would be a younger audience demographic. Love me some Anything Goes, but I saw it while I was on my senior showcase trip. The small crew of enthralled MT's spread out in the sea of blue hairs. It would also be a side option for tourists on dates. You don't have to be drug to Wicked by your girlfriend. (Good luck getting Book of Mormon Seats. And depending on your lady friend's sensibilities, good luck getting any sugar after she is offended by it.) Why not try some Bret and Germaine instead? You're nerdy girlfriend would love it almost as much as the green girl down the street! They don't push the offensive limit to the South Park level (It don't care as long as it's funny, but it bothers some girls.). And you still get good boyfriend points for going to see a musical. My ex and I used to trade who picked the movie on movie night. So that means he watched Victor/Victoria and I watched Withnail and I. The things you do for other people. :)
I lost my train of thought! Choo Choo. Anyways, they should write a musical. It could be really awesome. This has been another brilliant idea brought to you by a little person with absolutely no power. But I do make a mean cup of coffee!

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  1. I love the idea! I was so sad when Flight of the Concords ended. A musical would be epic win.