Friday, December 2, 2011

Eclectic, Crooked, and Accompanied by John Denver and the Muppets

I got in at 2 in the morning from Houston Tuesday and still haven't quite got my steam back. I can just feel my body trying to get sick. Not now please!
It's been a busy week. Auditions, rehearsals, and the ever present gig hunt. I turned down a gig with the puppet troupe that would be an insane amount of work for very little money and keep me from visiting the family during Christmas. It was a question of some money or some big Irish family time. As a workaholic, I have to remember to give myself breaks and playtime. Even if that playtime is Muppet Christmas sing a longs with John Denver and my family. (You can just guess who sounds better)
I got together with an old friend yesterday. It had been five years since I had last seen Brian. We're both older in body not spirit and still finding ways to deal with and get around life. And drinking too much coffee. If that is possible.
A combination of weather, tired, and just post Thanksgiving blues have hit me this week. Which is weird. In college, post Thanksgiving blues did not occur. It was the push to the finish. Which generally meant getting a show up, auditions, choreography showings, and finals. Not enough time to be blue. Barely enough time to sleep and put up my tiny Christmas tree. (But still enough time for lots of wine mulling. It can accompany everything. At least Leta, Alex, and I thought so!)
But now my Christmas tree is up. My landlord left it, and it's bigger than the one I had in college. By a lot. It's eclectic and crooked but somehow it is making my apartment feel warmer, cozier, and cheerier. I have a job this weekend. I have one on Monday (background props crew on Smash. College revisited if they give me a paintbrush.) and the possibility of another on Wed that would be really cool. (I'm not saying what it is cause I don't want to jinx it.) John Denver and the Muppets are playing in the background and I am going to bed early. Put the blues away and get down to working.
Tom, I head to Atlantic City with Chezzam and pretend to be a Balinese dancer. Someday, someone will want to hire me in my kilt. Doing the manly Scottish dances I used to rock at Highland Games (when I remembered the steps). When that day comes, I will be ready (and feel like a giant dork), but for now, work what I can get!
(If this doesn't make you happy, you are dead to me.

The Leaning Tower of Christmas!

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