Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Traveling into December!

So another November comes to an end. I paid my bills this month doing nothing but acting/dance odd jobs. I got callbacks. I made a giant ass of myself a few times. And I danced for Jesus and belted my face off on a regular basis. Then I wrapped it all up with Thanksgivings and Christmas tree decoratings. (Yes, I did mean for both of those to be plural.)
Settling into life after college has been interesting. And fun. I had been programmed for the goal of college. 4 sleepless years later, the university kicks you to the curb. "Go conquer the world, and do and use all that stuff we taught you." I was so scared when I crammed my life into my compact car and moved to New Jersey. What was I doing? I never had ambitions to be a star. I just wanted to dance around the room and play let's pretend for the rest of my life. And I still do.
What strikes me is that there is so much out there. Yes, you have to weed through lots of crap, but eventually so thing will sparkle. Just keep putting yourself out there. Sometimes you fall on your face. Get right back up and keep going. There is always another road to take and lots of destinations. Go traveling! (I'm waiting for a delayed flight right now. Travel is on the brain!)
On a less squooshey and inspirational note, my little brother lit himself on fire and missed Thanksgiving dinner (2nd Thanksgiving the one that actually occurred on Thanksgiving.) He is a freshman in the Corps of Cadets at Texas A and M. Shining his shoes, he overmelted the shoe polish, lit it on fire, and then proceeded to spread the fire to his pants, floor, and desk. He wasn't hurt, so it's a funny story to spread. Apparently lighting the wax on fire is a regular Corps whoopsie. Plus he already had a nick name, so he won't spend his collegiate years as "Sparky." He ended up with one doozie of a nickname already. He is big boy. He plays rugby and towers over most his classmates and a lot of the upperclassmen. So they have named him Shamu. I look forward to Shamu themed presents I get to give him over the next few years!
If I make it to New Jersesy tonite (pray to the weather gods for me), I have a full day of auditions slated for tom. Rehearsal on Thurs for a gig in Atlantic City. Then I get to work at Ceasar's Palace this weekend. Hello December!

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