Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hey! Where'd You Get Those Beautiful Blue Eyes?

At least I was done early today. Royal Caribbean was looking for dancers for their ship that does Chicago. Last time I auditioned for one of their musical ships, it was for Hairspray. I found out while there, that you also must dance the second show on the ship. Which was Cirque de cheesey. One of the tricks pulled me out of the running before I hit the third combination (which just happened to be the musical theatre combination). I was also the shortest girl in the room at that point. By a lot.
Long and the short of it, the girls didn't have to sing. They mouth the words on the ship. So what I thought would give me a leg up didn't, and they hired more all American looking, but still fairly typical cruise line dancers.
Chicago- they have to sing right. This will be different. I didn't make it past the typing combo. Woo! I know it wasn't technique or dancing. It was things like height and look. So, I got a latte and hopped on a train home. On my way back to Penn Station (all of like four blocks), I had two different big, blue collar guys tell me I had beautiful eyes. Not bad. The one even fought a little bit with his friends over telling me I was pretty. I might not always appeal to the sparkly musical theatre gays, but the straight men like me.
I loafed and did office work from home. It was nice to be a bum. And I got a call for an audition tom. It is an awesomely ridiculous job. It's for one of those hokey true crime shows. "Deadly Sins." Awesome!
A fellow set of blue eyes. I watched Pal Joey today for the five millionth time, so he was on my mind. And I like to add pictures to my posts. :)

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