Monday, November 7, 2011

Norma Jean Baker and Another Indie

The last few days have been nutz. I was last minute background on a bad indie film. I was cocerned about my early morning with Chezzam and wasn't going to take, but the casting directir said she could send me on the morning portion of the shoot instead of the evening one. We were supposed to be college kids, and the three early morning pickups looked like college kids. Which meant the director liked us. He had been having problems getting bacground he liked. Ge said that bacground for one scene that was wpsupposed to be collegiate looked "like an AA meeting." So h wanted to keep us for the second shift. At very little overtime. On Stanten Island. Blegh. (The casting director did strike again with an evening group of what the hells. It was supposed to be a frat party. It looked more a community college in Williamsburg. Hipsters.)
The short of a long day is that I ended up back home around 2am. I was driving for Chezzam and I had nothing prepared. My bag wasn't packed. My tax forms were not filled out. I crashed out and got up at 630 to get ready and go!
The party was huge and went well. I spent two hrs as Marilyn standing over a grate with air flowing up my skirts. While guests making jokes about how it was breezy (really clever guys), I was more concerned about loosing feeling to my feet.
After a whole lot of dancing, some quick cleaning of faces and dressing rooms, and an attack on the leftover gelato, I drove the Jersey contigent back. Not a bad way to make some money. I have a rehearsal for a Bar Mitzvah today. Possibilites of background work in the next few days. I'm working! It might not be Chekhov, but who cares! (or even likes Chekhov)

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