Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Being A Crazy Person....

I've been super busy of late. Which is awesome.
Saturday night I worked a benefit for St. Francis Hospital. Note to self, next time I work a Catholic hospital benefit, look for a priest's collar before I start flirtily hawking my candy cigarettes. Or a Bishop's miter. Whoops.
Sunday night I worked my first overnight for a big feature film called Fiona's Tale. (Google it.) I signed a non disclosure agreement for the first time in my life. No movie stars involved, just a bunch of extras, PA's, and some rain. At least it was warm outside!
Now being a crazy person, I proceeded to go home, sleep two hours, and head back to midtown for an audition. Why? Because this dinner theatre in the middle of nowhere had White Christmas on it's roster. Someday, I will book White Christmas! And a Christmas Carol! Just not at the same time.
Tired and wonkey, I sang around three. Super live room, attempted soft belting (hahahaha), and a dance callback at 6. In flats. Which meant they weren't currently looking for White Christmas ladies. Great. Happy Days, Smokey Joe's, and Little Shop. I had showgirl wear and sneakers. Tacky!
Grabbed a skirt on sale at H and M to wear with the leotard and sneaks. Starbucks for dinner (I'm living off gift cards from my parents. Win!) And back to Pearl to get thru it on very little sleep.
Of course it was fast, long, and energetic. It was the dance off scene from Happy Days (a show I should apparently get to know better). I killed it. At least I think I did. Sleep deprivation plus adrenaline doesn't lead to the best perception of events. I danced for Jesus. And hopefully he will answer me with a job (I did see stars after I did the ending layout. A sign from the heavens? Or just my low blood pressure kicking in?)
This theatre only hires a small chunk of people from New York. If they are looking for dancers, I should have a job. But the harsh reality of it is they might just be looking for certain roles. You go in, dance for Jesus, sing for Allah, and then pray to Buddah that you fill their casting holes. Putting yourself in the right place at the right time is a huge part of it. "Luck if you've ever been a lady to being with...."
Being crazy, I caught a flight early Tuesday to Tejas for some Thanksgiving with the family. I have already missed first Thanksgiving, but I will make second and third Thanksgiving. My parents treated me to TexMex and an epic liquor run. (It's the yearly holiday stock up!) I made pumpkin cookies and slept for eleven hours. I've already got one big gig booked with Chezzam the first weekend of December. No need to panic over my life for the next few days. I can relax, sleep, catch up with the big Irish fam, and drink and eat too much. Sounds like a great vacation to me! :-)

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