Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How SAG Helped Me Pay For A Haircut

Last night it was cold in Williamsburg. 30 something degrees. Not exactly good t-shirt weather. The Indie French feature I was doing background for was set in the summery- spring. Or something along those lines. Somewhere much warmer than the busy street corner we were standing on dressed as hipsters in the summer looking enviously at the real hipsters parkas and big sweaters. (One girl had a cape. It brought about more cape lust. As a kid, I wore my mom's cape from the 70s until it died. I now see capes and want one.)
The holding room (2 blocks aways) wasn't any better. It was gutted and unheated. Crafty was also fairly far (in the other direction) though there was good coffee. It was just hard to sneak off to. S0, we were COLD.
Luckily, one of the extras had the good common sense to call the union. Union rep arrives, we spent the rest of the shoot in a heated van with wonderful hand warmers. Real hipsters were already all over those shots of frozen young French people. Plus, we got a 50 dollar bump in our pay!
So today, I went and got my hair cut with my 50 dollar bump. The back of my bob is stacked quite nicely again and the edges are crisp and clean. It is once again too short to put in a pony tail. This means that for my long dance rehearsal with Chezzam on Friday, there is going to be some pigtail action! What every rehearsal needs. :)

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