Monday, October 31, 2011

Snowstorms, "Parties," and Vouchers

Happy Halloween (and first snow) to all!
This weekend has been weird. First, it snowed five inches on Saturday. In October. Weird. It being around Halloween created for odd parties and plans. Only the brave ventured out Sat, dressed to the nines. I certainly didn't. Power outages ran afoul of the roomie's fellow grad students attempts at a party, and before we knew it, we had half a dozen museum studies grad students in costumes with booze at our house. Let's just say, they might have considered it a party-party, but it in no way did it hit upon some of the crazier bashes I went to in college. Pizza, light boozing, and a movie. At one point, there was even some youtube clip watching. More college dorm messing around than Pike frat house. And it could not even get close to the annual theatre Halloween party. Now that was karazy.
Anyways, I spent today playing on casting networks, backstage, and actors access, submitting myself to anything that would stand still. Apparently several things stood still. I don't know if it is a combination of Halloween and weather (New Yorkers want out, film crews want to catch up), but I ended up with multiple offers to work background tom. Not bad. One was two day (which is sweet) , but I had already accepted the other that is supposed to come with an almighty SAG voucher. Sweeter! I can just imagine being those poor casting directors right now. Praying that they can find actors with the right look and availability that aren't off playing dress up at their favorite bar or club. As if we don't already play dress up all the time.
For those of mi familia who don't know, SAG is the Screen Actor's Guild. Actor's Equity is the stage Union. To join Equity, you get Equity membership candidate points. To join SAG, you get vouchers for your work. If you are a member of one for a year, you can join the other. It's a complicated muddle of fees, points, vouchers, and weirdness that is really hard to decipher, but it is better than nothing!
So, tom might be a long day of awkward hipster-dom (which hopefully means my sneaks are fine!), but hopefully I will have a lovely voucher and be that much closer to being union!


  1. Have 4 SAG vouchers now so asking for the money to pay for it for xmas! Why do we have to spend so much money to get anything back in this business! Enjoy and congrats on the voucher.