Friday, October 21, 2011


I am working again this Wed. Hurrah! Finally have a date and travel plans from the Vampire film. And once again, it's time to catch the 5am Wed train out of South Orange. Woo. Can you tell you who excited I am?
My sleep is all kinds of off from this Wed, so I need to try extra hard to get it back on track for next Wed. As in, lots of early bed times. No more sleeping in on audition free days. And be up and there really early for the Beauty and the Beast call on Tues. :)
Not so long ago, I was a college student who very rarely got up before 9 am. Now I am up before the sun to job hunt on a regular basis. The roomie, who still keeps college-esque hours, stays up til about 2 in the morning on a regular basis and gets up around 9 or ten. Her days don't technically start until 1 in the afternoon. We are have very few hours where we are both at home and awake. Quite often, it feels like I live alone. Which is really weird.
I spend a ton of time trying to get jobs. Very few will pan out. Which really isn't all that different from anyone job hunting. Sometimes I wish I was one of the lucky chosen few with parents who got them a nice, cushy job. But at the same time, each job I have worked, whether in Houston, Tulsa, New York, New Jersey, or Conneticut, is one that I have gotten myself. I went after it. I sold myself. I was successful on my own. Which is an awesome feeling.
Yes. I did not get the most practical college degree, but it is something that I love that I can be successful in. The work I do is for myself. What I earn, I have earned by myself. I can and will stand on my own. Boo yah! Take that world!
And just because it's awesome... Kate Winslet on "Extras "

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