Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Prather, Chezzam, and Pan Am: A Most Eventful Day!

Prather went really well. They called back more singers than dancers, so I felt like a shark! The combo was fun. I partied it out, and they asked me to come back at 530 for 9 to 5. I had no earthly idea what they would want me to do, but I had time to kill. I called one of my college girlfriends Stacey, and we met up to get lunch.
She wanted Thai coffee. We had no earthly idea where a Thai place would be, but we were in New York. One of the wonderful things about NYC is if you walk half dozen blocks, you can usually find what you were hankering for. And we did!
We ate at this little Thai place on the corner of 23rd and 7th Ave. It was super tastey and decently priced. We had an awesome time stuffing our faces and chatting. Panang curry! My kryptonite! YUM! Then I headed back to Prather.
They had us read several sides with the guys. It went all right. I feel like I have a decent chance of getting an ensemble job with them. Lord only knows when I will hear from them. They were looking for spring shows and had over five hundred auditionees. And they danced about three hundred of them. We shall see!
I got several awesome emails today. One was from the event company I auditioned for the other day. (Chezzam-where you get paid to dance with Granny at bar mitzvahs!) I'm on their roster and possibly have a gig on Nov 6.
The other email was AWESOME! I have kept submitting myself to be an extra on Pan Am. I finally booked it! I'm a bus station passenger. Fittings are Fri. The shoot is Tues. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I read the email on my train home and totally Singing in the Rained several lamp posts walking home. And it's not raining anymore.)
Hopefully I can keep getting extra and corporate work. Much better than waiting tables. (Which I can't get. College degrees do not matter when trying to get a waitressing job!)
PAN AM!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! I am going to be a part of the cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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  1. Hurray!!!!!!!! Your first job! That's so exciting. I might just have to start watching the show.