Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Costume (Stripper) Party!

Every so often, Broadway shows have to do chorus calls. With the way that Equity works, they don't have to hire. They just have to have them. It is the same with regional theatres.
These can be handled two ways. We don't want to waster your time- non union members go home. Quickly see the union members. Most of them won't even show up if the word is out. Or, what happened today, "Hey bitches! (Excuse my not so French.) Come party with us!"
Rock of Ages had their required dance call this morning, and that's what they did. They saw everybody dance. They heard no one sing, and they will not hire anyone. But they invited us to party. And we did.
It was a new level of trashy audition dress. And it was tons of fun.
Class is not something to be found in Rock of Ages. You have Poison, some White Snake, crude jokes, and hot girls. It's oddly straight and dudely for a musical. Everybody skanked it out. (I miscalculated the skank level and looked more Blitz Club than White Snake. If only Rosie hadn't killed Taboo!) My favorite slut-tacular peice of clothing in the room-black fishnet thigh highs with hot pink lace tops. There was a costume (stripper) store by my apartment in Tulsa. They were going out of business, so I went to go get cheap stockings. (Back seams and fishnets are super expensive.) Rummaging thru their bins of clearance, I never saw anything that awesomely trashy. Maybe Tulsa strippers just were not so inventive.
It was a party. They weren't really hiring, so it was like free class. (albeit, free class in all sorts of trashy clothes.) We all just had a good time. Which rocks.
The combo was fun. We were told to be "the hottest girl in the room." That odd sort of female empowerment thru sexuality sort of a thing. It was like being an 80's hair metal music video. I totally skinned my knees to peices going down to my knees out of a piroutte. Floor work in dance fishnets. Ow. Next time I will bring knee pads.
Ok. It wasn't very classy. Or tasteful. Or erudite. In fact, it was pretty trashy and not tasteful at all. But it was fun!

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  1. When Sarah Kate and I saw Phantom of the Opera this past August, we saw the Rock of Ages stage as we were walking out of the show. I guess both shows let out at the same time and the theater doors were open so I could see the stage, lights, set etc. It looked pretty freaking sweet. I'm still glad I saw Phantom though. I feel like it's a Broadway lover's right of passage.