Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sometimes It Pays to be Pale...

Several auditions have come and gone. They weren't anything exciting. I went to bed early and didn't write anything.
Saturday, I met Stacey in Colombus Circle. We walked around Central Park. It was a beautiful day. Plus the beauty of buff men shirtlessly jogging by. It seemed like at least half the dogs in Manhattan were being walked. (We both want a dog and know we can neither afford or even always take care of one. So we gaze longingly after other people's dogs. We also gaze longingly at attractive and possibly wealthy men.)
We treked to the Lincoln Center. Ate cupcakes for lunch. Saw a fellow TU alum's show at the Ensemble. It was not only quite solid, but it was also funny. Which is awesome. More coffee, and I headed back home.
It had been a very good day. It needed nothing else to make it better. But something else did come along!
Among the five thousand projects I seem to submit myself for, there was a casting call for extras for a short horror film. Vampire bar patrons in the 1960s. I admit to being a little confused by this, but they paid, so I submitted myself. Guess who's on the director's short list? Moi! Hopefully if all works out, I will be paid to sit at a bar in CT looking pale. Baby steps. It's a good start and I am super excited! I haven't had a paycheck in a while. It will be nice to see even a tiny one! Sometimes, it pays to be pale. :)

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