Thursday, October 27, 2011

Long Days and Pumpkin Ale

Yesterday was more akin to what I had expected from Pan Am. Plus it was non union on the background. Which meant we had to stand up for ourselves at times. It was an over 21 hour day by the time I got home. Living dead or vampires or just extras heading home from CT?
I seem to have a secret gift for being used towards the end of a shoot. I have to stand less and still get paid the same amount. Sweet. I was there being made up and dressed at 9 am. I wasn't used until 4 pm. Not so sweet. Ensue time wasting with books, talking, eating the assortment of unhealthy food in craftee, and drinking some of the worst coffee I've ever tasted.
The heat of the coffeee was phenomenal. And it was sooooooo cold in the club that we were filming in that we all drank it despite the awful taste. Chattering teeth or crappy coffee? I will always choose coffee.
I was even colder than most cause I was the only extra in a short dress. My other extra super power is being given a wardrobe that sticks out amongst the hordes of background. This time I was in a groovy orange and gold sheath dress with bracelet sleeves. Of course I had bracelet, huge clip on earring with orange sparkly flowers, and bizzare yellow shoes. Everyone else was in floor length gowns with furs. (I borrowed a fur to help not freeze, but did not have one to wear on set)
I was also the only short haired one. They had mod-ed me up for all I was worth. Twiggy eyes, lashes, cheeks, and hair. It was drastically different than my Pan Am look. It was also drastically different than the rest of the extras.
It's a short film that is meant to be part of a grindhouse trio. If you see the Morning After late at night as a triple feature, look for the sparkly gold mod. Really, I'll probably just be a blur, but I think my fake eyelashes could have taken over the entire film!
Background isn't the most exciting thing I've ever done, but it's a baby step. It's paychecks and meeting people. Finding a comfort zone and a groove in a whole new world. I might be delusional, but maybe I can pay my bills doing background work and party entertainment. It sure beats working in an office!
On another note, my dad had an overnight in Long Island and met me in Penn Station. We had a super tastey dinner at an Irish pub (pumpkin ale!) and then chatted over cups of tea for a nice long while. I love that I have cool parents. They let me go and fly with my ridiculous dreams. If I fall, they are there to help me up long as I need it. Plus they will always have a liquor cabinet stocked with some awesome whiskey and a wine fridge full of malbec. Love and kisses to both of you! :)

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