Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hello Courtney!

"Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day!" But it didn't really start out that way.
I hadn't done everything I meant to last night (cupcake baking and wine drinking led me to my bed super early), so I caught a later train than I normally catch. I was just carrying my contacts instead of wearing them. In the juggling act between contacts, glasses, and hot coffee, I lost a lense. I couldn't find it. Anywhere. So I started digging thru my bags. I should have a spare pair somewhere...but I didn't. Trying not to panic, I got up early when we were nearing Penn, surriptiously looking for lenses for little blind girls around my seat and there it was. In the middle of aisle. Miraculously, it was still intact and wearable. Thank the lord!
Off to Pearl Studios for "HelloDolly." I love thisshow. Its cheesey and hokey and soooo wonderful. Plus it always leaves you humming. Jerry Herman makes me so happy! I was an hour early, and number 73 on the list. Woo!
Somehow, I almost always end up being called in the first set in my audition group. Today was no different. The combo was to "Dancing," and it was fun! Balletic but enough movement bounce that my curls (you bet I curled my hair!). I looked like an excited foofoo dog. Which is awesome.
And they asked me to sing!!!!!!!!! It wasmyfirst time to get asked to sing in New York and I was super giddy. I sang "Heather on the Hill." They wanted quirkey, but I didn't have anything in the style of the show that was quirkey. I was still giddy and bounced about a bit as I sang. I probably looked half witted, but in a cute sort of way. Don't expect to book it but it is still a success in my world. Baby steps! "1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. Look! I'm dancing!" :-)
P.S. For Katie and Lisa. Michael Crawford: PIMP! (We stayed up late watching "Hello Dolly" too many times. Silliness ensued and we all have shirts with this slogan and his confused face upon them!)

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